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Saturday, April 28, 2007

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Friday, April 27, 2007

PACs tied to Sudan gave $580k

"Corporations targeted for doing business with the Sudanese government, which faces sanctions for its complicity in the Darfur genocide, gave more than $580,000 to congressional candidates during the 2006 cycle through the political action committees (PACs) of their U.S. subsidiaries, according to federal disclosures."

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I've been fighting for blacks all along, Bam tells Al group

"Senator Barack Obama was in town yesterday to make a big play for the Rev. Al Sharpton's endorsement - and the black vote in general - saying he's the only Democrat in the race who fought for African-American issues before deciding to run for President."

The Massacre of the Pulpit

"As an African American, I have long questioned the attempts of the gay community to piggy back on the legislative breakthroughs blacks have achieved in civil rights. As I think about hate crime legislation in the past, I think about a judicial system that refused to give blacks equal justice under the law. The historic problem for blacks was that racist groups conspired with law enforcement groups. Additional legislation would have never been necessary if the existing laws of the land had been enforced fairly.

"In contrast, gays already are a formidable force in the legal arena and courts are often extremely deferential to their cases. Additional protection for gays is not necessary. This legislation will not just over-protect them, it will bring the threat of invasive, governmental interference with the doctrines and practice of the Church. We have faced the removal of crosses and commandments from every public facility; this same pressure could be felt within the four walls of the church."

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African Americans can discard harmful baggage

"Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Louis Farrakhan and the late C. DeLores Tucker among the many progressive leaders who have sounded the alarm about our unwillingness to confront the negative ones amongst us - and our need to do so."

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Still separate after all these years

"Five decades after the Supreme Court struck down school segregation, black and white children continue to learn in different worlds. And it could get worse."

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This Gangsta Stuff & Russell's Call For Change

"I've read the recent criticisms launched at Russell Simmons and the assertions that his current position of wanting to ban the use of certain words on records is 'self-serving.' Of course it is. Anything Russell does is gonna be self-serving. What did we expect? Wasn't that the plan? Weren't we supposed to create an economic, political or social situation where he would see it in his best interest to change up?"

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Jesse Jackson Targeted At GE Shareholders Meeting Over 2002 Slick Rick Appearance

"'Maybe it's Jackson who is changing his tune,' Flaherty said in a statement. 'In 2002, the National Legal and Policy Center asked Jackson to disinvite from his Wall Street conference a performer known as Slick Rick whose songs are characterized by vulgar and offensive. We even pointed to a song titled "Treat Her Like a Prostitute."' Flaherty said that Slick Rick was allowed to speak and perform and Jackson refused to condemn Slick Rick during a press conference."

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Photograph Copyright 2007 Robert Oliver, All Rights Reserved

Sudanese want action on Darfur

"'We think that the government is the cause of this problem because of its policies of human rights violations and killings, and is responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe,' says Abdi Rahman Alghali, the deputy general secretary of the opposition Umma Party. 'We think the African Union force is unable to protect civilians, so we support the [UN's efforts] to protect civilians and the work of the humanitarian agencies.'"

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Study links private schools, religion and better marks for lagging students

"Minority and low-income students who attend private school and come from stable, religious families reach about the same level of academic success as their white and wealthier counterparts, according to a new study presented at Baylor University."

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Fire hip-hop offenders too

"There have been black protests against this vulgarity, but nothing of the shut- ' em-down outrage against Imus. Hip-hop apologists say just as clearly as Imus that they don't care. Russell Simmons has long defended the use of the n-word, bizarrely saying, 'It means we're special.' Johnson long said that the 'E' in BET stood for entertainment, not education or enlightenment. Yet in 1996, BET's own vice president for programming, Lydia Cole said, 'We don't watch BET. I'm concerned about the images portrayed of young girls.'"

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Rappers' mantra protects killers

"Without community backing, good citizens who try to do the right thing risk severe punishment. The most outrageous example among many that I have run across is Baltimore's Angela Dawson. The married mother of five testified against a local drug dealer in October 2002. Two weeks later, the dealer set fire to her home as the family slept. All seven family members died.

"The killer pleaded guilty to avoid a possible death sentence. According to Juan Williams' best-selling book "Enough," the drug dealer had vowed to kill Dawson for 'snitching on people.'

"'You don't need someone destroying you when your own people are the worst messengers possibly,' says Geoffrey Canada, a nationally recognized anti-violence organizer in Harlem. 'And this is what black people in America have not come to grips with.'"

Black critics of Imus are hypocrites

"I will bet that Chris Rock could have said "nappy-headed hos" without making much of a wave, and I bet that he would have gotten big laughs from many of the same blacks who demanded Imus' unruly mop on a platter."

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Report: Black Family Channel Closing

"The network claimed 16 million subscribers. 'Gospel Music Channel is negotiating with BFC to take over its carriage deals,' or agreements to carry the network, 'with cable operators, according to sources close to both networks,' Umstead's story said."

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Hillary's Reverse "Sister Souljah" Strikeout

"You be trippin', girl."

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Urban film genre develops

"Gang and crime shoot-'em-ups are out, comedy and complex family dramas are in."

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'Smoking gun' tape of Hillary previewed

A felony?

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Stay tuned....

"The Inherent Racism of Population Control"

Get this important free PDF document at and share it with friends, family, etc.

European Parliament Passes Resolution Vowing to Take 'Homophobic' Countries to Court

"In a disgraceful debate in the European Parliament (EP) yesterday, Members of the European Parliament from France, the Netherlands and Italy, among others, vilified Poland as 'hateful' and 'repulsive' for refusing to allow promotion of homosexuality in schools.

"A vote was held today to approve an EP resolution chastising Poland for 'homophobia.' The resolution - adopted by 325 votes to 124, with 150 abstentions - calls for a fact-finding mission to be sent to Poland, for 'worldwide de-criminalisation of homosexuality' and for the Commission to take Member States to court if they breach their EU obligations."

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Ban on 'mom' and 'dad' considered – again

"She noted that Los Angeles schools already have implemented most of the proposals now pending for districts across the state, and among the changes are:

  • 'Mom' and 'dad' and 'husband' and 'wife' would have to be edited from all texts.
  • Cheerleading and sports teams would have to be gender-neutral.
  • Prom kings and queens would be banned, or if featured, would have to be gender neutral so that the king could be female and the queen male.
  • Gender-neutral bathrooms could be required for those confused about their gender identity.
  • A male who believes he really is female would be allowed into the women's restroom, and a woman believing herself a male would be allowed into a men's room.
  • Even scientific information, such has statistics showing AIDS rates in the homosexual community, could be banned.

"'It's embarrassing that we've got kids who can't pass their exit exams, but we add all sorts of complications [to school],' she told WND."

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Loyalty, fear stop info flow

"After a guest at her high school graduation party was shot dead on the ride home, Necole Evans had little to say to the police.

"There were several reasons for her silence, among them fear and loyalty."

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Had enough: advocate speaks out against hip-hop violence, misogyny

"The sad truth is that there are no easy fixes when you have a culture of anti-snitching that has developed (its roots in the mistrust of abusive police and now amplified by the music) that allows murderers to get away because of a code of silence....

"The AC360 piece covers the murder of Israel Ramirez, a bodyguard for the rap star Busta Rhymes, who was gunned down last year. There were more than 20 people who witnessed the murder, including Busta Rhymes, and no one has come forward, according to New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who said that some who were interviewed simply said that 'I have to work in this business' as a reason for not speaking to police. Of course that’s nothing new, since neither the murders of Tupac Shakur (1996) and the Notorious B.I.G. (1997) are also unsolved because of a lack of people willing to come forward.

"Cooper interviewed a group of inner city teens and pre-teens about 'snitching' and you see the depth of the problem, the unbelieveable cultural reinforcement that allows the lawlessness to continue. Police brutality, the lack of response when police are called, the clear gulf of opportunity between rich and poor have all contributed to the creation of this toxic social stew."

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JOHN MCWHORTER COMMENTARY: Great Society Begets Bad Society

"Asserts the moderate-liberal commentator: 'On "60 Minutes" last Sunday, rapper Cam'ron told Anderson Cooper that he would not inform the police if a serial killer were living next door to him, as it would alienate his fan base. The "stop snitching" Zeitgeist has become a shibboleth of being "down with" your people in poor black neighborhoods and refusing to give the police information about a black-on-black homicide, even if you witnessed it. This version of black identity has become so entrenched over the past few years that it is making it ever harder for investigators to crack murder cases. Using this technique as a means to stop racism is as misguided as it is easy. Police brutality was much worse in the past, and the war on drugs is old news. The current "stop snitching" notion is, quite simply, a subcultural fashion of the moment. It is also a facet of a larger phenomenon: a sense among black teens and 20-somethings that being aggressive toward the opposition is the soul of being authentic. There has been this element in the black community since the 1960s, but these days, it is so deeply felt that it is tacitly approved to place anti-authoritarian sentiment over saving black lives.'"

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Democratic lawmaker seeks to impeach Cheney

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio introduced three articles of impeachment in the Democratic-led House of Representatives against Cheney, accusing him of having misled the country into its 2003 invasion of Iraq and, more recently, threatening Iran without cause."

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US gives Sudan Darfur 'ultimatum'

"The US has said it expects Sudan to prove its commitment to allowing a strengthened UN peacekeeping force into Darfur within a matter of weeks. "

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Anti-snitch campaign riles police, prosecutors

"The black community is divided. Rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy has blasted the Stop Snitching campaign on the hip-hop group's website:'The term "snitch" was best applied to those that ratted revolutionaries like Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, Che Guevara. ... Let's not let stupid cats use hip-hop to again twist this meaning for the sake of some "innerganghood" violent drug thug crime dogs, who've sacrificed the black community's women and children.'"

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Al Sharpton Plans Next Move Against Rap, Obama: 'Let's Not Single Out The Rappers'

"The Rev. Al Sharpton announced the next steps in his battle against rap music and will take his fight into various corporations' boardrooms, by buying stock in companies that promote the music.

"Sharpton and his National Action Network are planning on purchasing stock in various companies, including Time Warner and Universal Music Group, and will then use his right to attend shareholder meetings, where he will voice his opinion on lyrics deemed raunchy and sexist. "

Obama wins campus Democrats’ straw poll

"Among current students, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) was the clear favorite, winning 50 percent of the vote. (Obama also garnered a whopping 68 percent of the vote in the Prospective Freshmen Poll.) Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) came in second with 27 percent of the vote, with former Sen. John Edwards (D-NC), Gov. Bill Richardson (D-NM) and former Vice President Al Gore trailing behind."

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Pastors: Act now or prepare for jail

"I've already told you about how H.R. 1592 will destroy equal justice (setting up a victim hierarchy), set up a Gay Gestapo with unlimited funds and send grandma to jail for sharing her faith on the public sidewalk, as happened in Philadelphia. But what you may not know is how this bill scheduled for a vote in the House this week will come after pastors and all those who disagree with the homosexual agenda out loud. H.R. 1592 the so-called 'hate crimes' bill isn't about hate. It isn't about 'crimes' (there are already stiff penalties against crimes); it's about speech."

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Obama pulls even with Clinton in White House race

"Obama, a firs-term senator from Illinois, has steadily gained on Clinton, a veteran on the national political scene, over the last month and each now polled 32 percent among likely Democratic voters, the survey by Rasmussen Reports found. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was third in the poll with 17 percent."

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Hip-hop's Simmons wants to remove offensive words

Prominent U.S. hip-hop executive Russell Simmons on Monday recommended eliminating the words 'bitch,' 'ho' and 'nigger' from the recording industry, considering them 'extreme curse words.'

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Obama’s Rise Strains Loyalty on Clinton Turf

"Facing a potential drift of black support, the Clinton campaign has recently taken several steps: dispatching former President Bill Clinton to speak before black and Hispanic lawmakers in Albany earlier this year, and then to address the Rev. Al Sharpton’s group, the National Action Network, in New York last week; using Bill Lynch, who was a top political adviser to former Mayor David N. Dinkins, to corral black support in New York City; and enlisting heavyweights from the black political establishment like Representative Charles B. Rangel, Democrat of New York, to help Mrs. Clinton court black leaders."

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Go Down Death! (1944) -- VIDEO

"Religious race film from Spencer Williams of "Amos N' Andy" fame."

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Hidden Facts of the History of Black America

"The overwhelming majority of Black America is registered Democrat. This of course includes Black politicians, Black business people, and Black educators. Furthermore, the Democratic Party's major supporters include the public school teachers associations and leaders of the various progressive education movements. Consequently, most Black Americans may not have ever heard some of the facts about the history of Blacks in the American political process. Tactics and strategies by Democrats have actually convinced Blacks that Republicans hate Blacks and have always wanted to destroy Black America. The truth seems to be very different. Here are some facts that Democratic Party doesn't want Black America to believe."

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I Caught Prince Charles

Copyright 2007 Robert Oliver, All Rights Reserved

The truth about fake news. Believe it.

"Fake news has been with us for a long time. Documented cases predate the modern media, reaching as far into the past as a bogus eighth century edict said to be the pope-friendly words of the Roman emperor Constantine. There are plenty of reports of forgeries and trickeries in British newspapers in the eighteenth century. But the actual term 'fake news'—two delicious little darts of malice (and a headline-ready sneer if ever there was one)—seems to have arisen in late nineteenth century America, when a rush of emerging technologies intersected with newsgathering practices during a boom time for newspapers."

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Change your thoughts and changer your life

In the television miniseries Queen, Halle Berry, who played the title role, said to her husband, played by Danny Glover: "You was a slave. I was a slave. We free now, but we still think like slaves. We still think that it our place to serve. And that's all negras ever gonna be if we go on thinkin' like that. We got to start takin' what we can get instead of just gettin' what we are allowed to have."

Proverbs 23:7 says "For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. The late British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said: "Nurture great thougts, for you will never go higher than your thoughts." Auther John C. Maxwell says in his book Thinking for a Change: "Unsuccessful people focus their thinking on survival. Average people focus their thinking on maintenance. Successful people focus their thinking on progress."

What is the total mindset of the African American community today? Is the majority thinking about survival, thinking about maintenance, or thinking about progress? What are the results? I sthe majority surviving, maintaining, or progressing? The most important question is what category does the reader choose to leave and what category he or she chooses to move into? What category will he or she teach his or her children to be in for a lifetime? You change your thoughts and you change your life. Take what you can get in ways that are legal and moral.

Don't get what you are allowed to have.

Evidence for God from Science

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