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Thursday, April 5, 2007

African American Idol -- VIDEO


Message received....
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Prince-1999 -- VIDEO

Shane shows how he learned to sing Prince's 1999 -- VIDEO

Decoding the debate over blackness

"At their best, these discussions were probing, serious and heartfelt. At their worst, they turned into lectures by the race police — '60s- era ideologues who characterized blackness not as a matter of individual interpretation or choice, but as a narrow set of attitudes that were said to make up the authentic black identity."

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Farewell, Minister Louis Farrakhan

"Although I disagree with Farrakhan on several issues, I applaud his commitment to black self-empowerment. A decade ago I spoke to Booker T. Washington’s great-granddaughter and asked her, 'what leader today is most similar to your great-grandfather?' Her response was Farrakhan. Although Farrakhan harshly criticizes whites, especially Republicans, he recognizes, as did Booker T. Washington, that blacks must come together to solve black problems. He unfortunately believes impeaching President Bush is a moral imperative, a sentiment I do not share, but he has nevertheless exercised leadership in the area of education, starting a private school open to all students. Like Washington, Farrakhan urges blacks to create solutions to problems rather than merely enumerating the problems and hoping whites will solve them."

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"The psychological impact of this word is being totally down played and this is to the detriment of Blacks because until we face up to how this word affects the psyche of many African Americans on-going issues that exist in the Black community are going to go unresolved. People say there are more important things in the community to worry about than just a word. A person is either wise or a fool and there is no wisdom in overlooking the power of this word. All words and thoughts have an energy flow, some are more powerful than others. In the case of the n-word it has a very powerful negative energy flow that's affecting the hearts and minds of a race of people and should not be taken lightly."

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Affirmative Action: Is There a Middle Way?

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Two S.C. black leaders back Clinton

State Sens. Robert Ford and Darrell Jackson told The Associated Press they believe Clinton is the only Democrat who can win the presidency. Both said they had been courted by Illinois Sen. Barack Obama; Ford said Obama winning the primary would drag down the rest of the party. 'It's a slim possibility for him to get the nomination, but then everybody else is doomed,' Ford said. 'Every Democrat running on that ticket next year would lose - because he's black and he's top of the ticket. We'd lose the House and the Senate and the governors and everything.' (If a White politician said that, we all would want to crucify him. -- Ed.)

"'I'm a gambling man. I love Obama,' Ford said. 'But I'm not going to kill myself....'

"Later in the day, Ford said he had been besieged by criticism and apologized for his characterization of Obama's chances. If Clinton doesn't win the nomination, any of the other candidates are well suited to take the White House, Ford said.

"'If I caused anybody - including myself - any pain about the comments I made earlier, then I want to apologize to myself and to Senator Obama and any of his supporters,' Ford said."

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Letter to: Congresswoman Maxine Waters

"Your power in America, and especially in the black community, is substantial. I honestly, and sincerely, urge you to rethink your positions on several issues. I have, so far, kept this letter private. I hope that after you read this letter, you will agree to have a one-on-one, sit-down, private conversation with me about the future and direction of black America...."

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Eddie Murphy? -- VIDEO

Fred Travalena as "Eddie Murphy" on "Regis and Kathie Lee." this must have been the late 80's, and it's... stunning. Yes, that's actual blackface. Watch Kathie Lee's growing discomfort. A classic.

My girl wants to party all the time -- VIDEO

the truth about africans -- VIDEO

yea i'm touching on stereotypes of africans

Minstrel Show -- VIDEO

Hoodwinked? Had? Bambooooooozled?

The 1963 March on Washington

There is a general perception that Dr. Martin Luther King organized the 1963 March on Washington. Actually Dr. King was a part of five civil rights organizations that helped to organize the march. That included Dr. King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the NAACP, the National Urban League, the Students Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE). A. Philip Randolph, president of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters and Bayard Rustin of CORE were the primary organizers of the march.

Yet Another Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I wrote a letter in which I admitted self-hatred. Recently I went to message forum on and found something that disturbed me. Someone named “Noah African” wrote his feelings about the Black sniper suspects. He does not believe they are guilty, but they were setup. A portion of his message says:

“What about the terrorist notes and phone calls? Does that sound like the language and rhetoric of a black person? How many black people do you know actually believe that they are GOD and say crazy stuff like “I am God”. I will say one thing, when they said they were looking for an old caprice, I knew they were looking for some brothers. Anyway, back to the main point, what would be these brothers motive…10 million dollars…nah..not black people. If you are looking for 10 million dollars, you got some kind of grand plan and most blacks don’t scheme that way. If blacks are robbing banks and stuff like that, it is usually to support some kind of habit or an attempt to get some quick and easy cash because they are busted and disgusted. But scheming up something like this all for 10 million dollars…nah…not black people. Maybe if they had asked for 100 thousand, I could believe it more, but not 10 million, by two po broke brothers.”

As to Black people calling themselves “God,” I went to an African-American bookstore and saw a button that said “The Black Man is God.” There is even a book titled The Black Man is God, authored by Sekou D. Muhammad, “based on the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.” I guess it safe to assume that Sekou D. Muhammad is a Black author, isn’t it? So much for Noah’s knowledge of African American literature. Also Noah says, “when they said they were looking for an old caprice, I knew they were looking for some brothers.” OLD CAPRICE = BLACK FOLKS? Are old Caprices the only cars that black men are allowed to drive in America? Talk about stereotyping your own people! I mean I have seen white folks drive old beat-up rusty cars and Black folks drive clean Rolls Royces, Mercedes, and Lexus. And he said, “what would be these brothers motive…10 million dollars…nah..not black people. If you are looking for 10 million dollars, you got some kind of grand plan and most blacks don’t scheme that way... But scheming up something like this all for 10 million dollars…nah…not black people. Maybe if they had asked for 100 thousand, I could believe it more, but not 10 million, by two po broke brothers.” Why does he think that black people cannot set high goals and and have the brains to plan well? Why does he think that Black people cannot think beyond $100,000? If Noah was a white person, I would have said those were the typical comments of the typical white racist. But Noah is Black, and it seems we have another case of Black self-hatred here. We got to stop hating ourselves, don’t we?

No Cries of Racism for Black Babies

R.D. Davis, Huntsville, Al. August 25, 2001

Since abortion has been legal since Roe vs. Wade, more than 12 million unborn black lives have been exterminated. Although blacks comprise only 12% of the population, they have 35.8% of abortions, according to the Center for Disease Control statistics. This is genocidal. Where are the frequently ubiquitous cries of racism from the so-called black leaders? Why are the black ministers silent, especially in public, on abortion. (When was the last time you read an article against abortion written by a black clergyman. Somebody has to do it) Because of this silence, our black race is becoming desensitized to a potential genocide of our race. This becomes especially worrisome when some black ministers believe that abortion is a “white issue”, like I have heard and know about.

The silence bears the culpability for the genocidal destruction of our black babies. It allows Planned Parenthood, which is heavily supported legislatively by the Democratic Black Caucus, to carry on founder, Margaret Sanger’s aim for her Negro Project. The “Negro Project” goal was to contain the inferior races through segregation, sterilization, birth control and later, abortion. Blacks with their votes are helping with the racist’s goal of limiting the population of our race.

The summer issue of the Black Americans for Life newsletter reports that the “Negro Project” has really taken effect in New York City. The New York State Department of Health statistics indicate that among the black population abortions exceeded births in New York City, with 49,235 abortions 40,481 births in 1997, the latest year for which statistics are available.
This disparity is only, I repeat, only with the black race. It does not exist for other populations. For example, the statistics for Brooklyn revealed there were 31,500 black peoples aborted and only 23,700 born during 1997, while births of white babies totaled a little over 37,000 and abortions just over 18,000, which is less than half. With the Hispanic population, there were 19,000 babies born and slightly more than 12,000 babies aborted.

In Brooklyn, Catholic Bishop Thomas V. Daily referred to abortion as “a form of black genocide”. “Fifty –seven percent of black babies are aborted in our diocese, he told a predominantly black congregation at St. Catherine of Genoa Church in Flatbush. He also expressed his sorrow over the imminent closing of a childcare agency within his diocese because, “We just don’t have enough children to care for. Too many are dying before they get to us,” he said.

Bishop Dailey and Msgr. Philip Reilly, director of the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, led a precession to a medical center where more than 2,000 late-term abortions are done per month. Participants in the procession prayed, sang hymns and handed out literature about abortion alternatives to those entering the building. Members of the group report that many unborn babies are saved when there is a prayer vigil at the clinic.

Many more unborn black babies would be saved if the black ministers and politicians would take a public stand against this racist genocide and cry out “Racism!” However, this will never happen because Planned Parenthood and the Democratic politicians have “conditioned” blacks to blindly support the “Negro Project”. A race that does not respect the lives of its unborn is destined to become extinct. “Negro Project”—completed.

Am I Black Enuf for Ya?

by Keith Wilson

If I told you that I couldn't rap or sing, that I couldn't dance to save my life, and that I don't even shoot hoops that well, would you say thatI'm not black enuf for ya?

If you saw that I don't wear big gold chains, that I don't have dreadlocks or a huge Jackson Five afro, or that I don't have a cool nickname like Ice or Smooth, would I not be black enuf for ya?

If I don't drink Ripple, Cisco, or Hennessey, if I've never sold drugs, and if I've never been arrested, am I not black enuf for ya?

If I allow you to run a credit check on me, and you learn that not only do I have a job, but that I pay my bills on time, would you think that I'm not black enuf for ya?

If I fail to start every sentence with "Yo', Dawg," or if I refuse to refer to my sistas as bitches 'n hoes, am I not black enuf for ya?

If I don't brag about having four kids by four different women, or if I don't eagerly proclaim that the white man is the devil, are you going to wonder if I'm black enuf for ya?

If I don't cheat on my woman and diminish her self-esteem, place insociety as the Queen that deserves to be, does this mean I'm not blackenuf for ya?

If I secretly admit that I really do like Seinfeld, or that I actually know how to swim, or that I honestly think OJ did do it, would I not be black enuf for ya?

See, I'm not sure, how many of your stereotypes do I have to fulfill before you reinstate my official ghetto pass? Where do I apply for admission to this mythical club of blackness that you seem to think I should belong to?

Be-cuz the truth is - I KNOW who I am.

See, long ago, I responded to this advertisement that ran in the newspaper of my mind: WANTED -- hardworking, intelligent, and articulate individual, must be sensitive, but strong; philosophical, but playful. Candidate must have a pulsating passion for life, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and an unlimited supply of determination. Must be able to bear the weight of your history and to carry the hopes of your ancestors. Must also be able to demonstrate an ability to dream while awake, and a willingness to achieve by any means necessary. Qualified candidate must possess own recipe for survival, including the ability to locate a grain of laughter amidst a field of despair. It will be necessary to have rhythm in your soul and soul in your rhythm, along with a willingness to embrace sorrow and reject cowardly hatred. Physical requirements include arms that are long enough to reach back into the community, but are too short to box with God. Prefer skin that is like midnight satin, but am willing to consider creamy cocoa brown, Herschey's dark chocolate, honey-dipped high yellow, sun-kissed redbone, and even light, bright, and almost white. Can fall anywhere between Denzel fine and Dennis Rodman thru, between Coltrane's intensity and Miles Davis cool. Hair-optional; height-irrevelant; big feet a definite plus. (You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.) Priority consideration given to self-respecting, sure stepping, confidence oozing, brown-eyed, thick-lipped, wide-nosed warriors. Timid, shuffling, droop-shouldered, apologetic, self-loathing, self-destructive Uncle Clarence Thomases need not apply. If interested, please inquire within.

So, if I show you my ID card that says "Grade A, Inspected, Certified 100% Sho' Nuff Brotha," then, I ask you, then, will I be black enuf for ya?

(Did not Barack Obama write this?)

Where Are All The Blacks?

by Minister J.C. Tyler

Several years ago while watching Christian television in Chicago, I was confronted with a scene that changed m life forever. They were showing excerpts from the Bernard Nathanson video, Silent Scream. I was so appalled at what I saw that I screamed aloud, “my God, that’s a life.” At the end of the program I dialed the telephone number that was given for those who wanted to help stop the killing or just wanted more information. I was told that the first thing to do was to educate myself, and then educate others. In this quest to educate myself I attended various right to life functions, where I was almost always asked the question “where are all the Blacks? Don’t they know that abortion is genocide to their race?”

It has been well over a decade since I saw that little innocent baby hopelessly fighting to escape the hands of death. Upon “educating myself in order to educate others,” I found that the prime factor behind many abortionists was racism. In fact, one infamous abortionist once stated that he “would abort an Hispanic baby for free, and when he looks and sees all of the welfare mothers in his clinics he knows that he is doing the right thing.”

I also learned that about 30% of all abortions performed in this country were performed on only 6% of the population, Black women. When compared to their White counterparts of childbearing age, Black women were receiving abortions at a rate of 2 to1. I was also amazed to learn that there was even a “Negro Project,” designed decades earlier by the number one providers of abortions in the world. With a motto of “more from the fit, and less from the unfit” it was no surprise to learn that over 70% of their clinics were in the poor and minority communities of America.

Now, when I saw that little pre-born helplessly murdered inside of its God-given sanctuary, I did not know if it was black, red, white, or yellow. What I did know was that it was a live human being with the “God-given Right to Life.” Soon I learned that there were all kinds of organized outreaches to the White community.

However, after years of legalized “death by abortion,” there were still no crisis pregnancy centers in many of the Black communities of America. Even though 80% to 90% of the clients who visit those that exist outside of the community are Black. This is an example of the outreach (or lack of it) to the Black communities. Yet many right-to-life groups proudly boast of existing just as long or longer than Roe versus Wade itself. This should not be.

Today Black women receive about 44% of all abortions in the United States. For every three Black babies born, two more are killed in the womb. Every two years we lose about one million of our children through death by abortion.

Our very heritage is at stake. We must become just as diligent in saving the lives of our children, as others are in taking it. There is a need to involve the Black community in the effort to preserve its own posterity. Blacks must now be received as the concerned leaders that they are, not just as workshop leaders and keynote speakers. Not just as token heads of organizations, or committees that exist only on paper. The time as come to implement and support true minority outreach efforts, by Black and white pro-lifers alike.

The pro-abortionists and eugenicists have systematically targeted the poor and the minorities of the world. It is time now for all of us to be genuinely concerned about the sanctity and humanity of all human life.

A few years ago, Janet Hudspeth of California, Leon Jones of Ohio, Emma Sanders of Indiana, Pastor Joe Dallas of Wisconsin, along with myself and others set out to answer this question asked so frequently by so many seasoned right-to-lifers. However, instead of receiving the expected and necessary support from the already existing right-to-life organizations, we were met with overwhelming suspicions and great indifference.

Although I thank God for the efforts of my White brothers and sisters, only Blacks can effectively mobilize the Black community. By the grace of God we will do it, and when we do, it will benefit our whole civilization. Not only will the lives of black-skinned people be saved, but red, white, yellow, and brown alike.

The time has come for Blacks to stand up and be counted! While Blacks must not unite for the purpose of forming a separate wing of the “Pro-Life Movement,” we must no longer be as complacent as we have been in the past. So let me put this question to rest as to where are the Blacks. We are here right beside you, fighting with all of our might to end this abominable killing. We are doing all that we can with as much as we have, and desire to do even more.

So, I say to my White brothers and sisters, when I saw the Silent Scream video, I did not see a color but a life. What do you see? And as I look at your strategically well-run established organizations and fail to see anyone who looks like me, I must now ask the same question of you – Where Are All Of The Blacks?

The Beltway Sniper

This was a letter to the editor of the Chicago Defender:

Dear Editor:

I’m very ashamed to admit this in public, but I have been guilty of self-hatred.

When I first saw the photograph of John Allen Muhammad, a clean-looking Black man, it was hard for me to believe he was the sniper. I mean it was just like looking in a mirror, and I’m not a cold-blooded killer, so why should he be? I guess I could not believe that he could pull of all of those killings with one shot. I guess I was a victim in thinking subconsciously that blacks still had a tendency for shoddy workmanship. I guess I did not want to believe that a black man was that good in killing people. I have to confess if I wanted to hire a sniper, I would not have done business with one of my own people. I would not have thought about buying black, finding a good sniper within my own community. I probably would have wanted to find a good white sniper with a good track record, I’m to sorry say. After all the evidence I have seen in Muhammad’s case, I have to admit it seems like the evidence is proving me wrong.

It seems like he is proving again to all of us that Black people are capable of being equal to or better in doing anything like any other race.

When We Hate Ourselves....

“Act your age, not your shoe size.” -- Prince

In November, the state legislature in Albany, New York, went into a frenzy when anti-black notes were discovered in front of the doors of the offices of two black legislators. "Kill all niggers because they don't belong here," the notes said, and were signed "Yours truly KKK." Darryl Gray, a 35-year-old black janitor has now confessed to typing and distributing the notes. Police are reportedly unable to think of a motive. Mr. Gray has been charged with aggravated harassment and could be sentenced to up to two years in prison. (Black Janitor Accused of Hate Notes, New York Times, Nov. 9, 1999.)

An interracial couple living in Georgia, Freeman Berry and Sandra Benson, have been arrested for insurance fraud in connection with a self-administered hate crime. In August, their home burned to the ground and the couple complained of hate calls and spray-painted swastikas. There was wide, sympathetic coverage. Miss Benson wept in the backyard of her burned-out house, telling reporters and investigators she was being punished for loving a black man. The FBI came to solve the hate crime and discovered that the couple had burned down their own house. Expensive computer equipment they claimed had been destroyed in the fire was later found in a rented storage locker. Nationwide Insurance rejected their $301,000 damage claim. This is not the first time Miss Benson and Mr. Berry have played this game. They made off with $244,000 from State Farm Insurance when their house in Goshen, N.Y. burned mysteriously. Miss Benson has also falsely claimed she was injured in a car wreck, though she managed to bilk three different insurance companies out of a total of $200,000 in the incident. She also claimed she was blinded when a photocopier fell on her as she was applying for a job, but it turned out she was "applying" for a job with the company that she and Mr. Berry run at home. She also has sued a doctor for "disabling" her by bungling an operation for breast reduction and fat removal. Mr. Berry has falsely claimed to have been injured falling down a flight of stairs. The two have been indicted on 23 counts of mail and insurance fraud. (Chelsea Carter, FBI Probes Georgia Insurance Scam, Associated Press, Aug. 24.1997.)

Last October, several people slipped into the Center for Black Culture and Learning on the campus of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. They left photocopies of a crude drawing of a black being hanged, and installed computer screen savers with anti-black messages. There was the usual hullabaloo, with black demonstrators stopping traffic, public agonizing about "racism," and the university president James Garland promising to recruit more non-white teachers and students. Blacks wallowed in self-pity, with one telling reporters, "It's been a very rough four years here. Every day, you are reminded of the color of your skin. It's horrible." Now police have fingerprint evidence that Nathaniel Snow, president of the Black Student Action Association, and his black sidekick Brad Allen were the perpetrators. They were, of course, in the thick of the March 1999 demonstrations- so much so that Mr. Allen was arrested for disorderly conduct- and Mr. Snow had an hour-long meeting with president Garland. Was the university delighted to discover that it is not a cauldron of racism after all? Somehow, it was not. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, "The arrests of the two men shocked and disappointed school officials and students." President Garland now says, "It's important to realize this was an isolated incident and we should not generalize from it" -quite the reverse of his earlier view. One black academic advisor, in what was no doubt also a complete turnaround, cautioned students not to have "kneejerk" reactions. Apparently he needn't worry. The white student reaction the Enquirer printed as representative was that of a junior who asked, "Why would anybody want to do something like this... ?" (Randy McNutt, State Investigators Enter Miami, Cincinnati Enquirer, November 14, 1999. Saundra Amrhein and Kevin Aldridge, Two Charged in Racial Vandalism, Cincinnati Enquirer, January 22, 1999, p. A4. Mark Ferenchik, Police: Students Faked Slurs, The Columbus Dispatch, January 22, 1999, p. ID.)

Why I Cannot Stand the Confederate Flag

For the same reasons you can’t either. I have seen the Confederate Flag just like the Nazi Swastika. Brings back painful memories. At Ku Klux Klan rallies, one of which I saw from a highway in Texas, that flag is there. In white supremacist literature, that flag is there. There is an even pro-white organization with chapters in non-southern states that has the flag on its website. Seeing that flag just stirs up feelings in me. That flag was flown to defend state’s rights during the Civil War – part of which was the efforts to keep slavery legal. States do not have the constitutional right to practice injustice or immorality. If I’m wrong about that, please correct me. That flag was on the wrong side of history. I do not wish I was in that land of cotton. I do not like hearing the song “Dixie.” Those are my personal feelings. Others, white and even some Black southerners, see the confederate flag as a symbol to the resistance of a centralized federal government and pride of heritage.

I also do not like government buildings, such as the Russell Senate Building in Washington, D.C., named after white supremacists. I’m glad Dick Gregory is trying to change that. I also do not like statues in Washington D.C. honoring one of the original members of the KKK such as General Albert Pike, in a majority Black city. I wonder who is doing something about that?

The NAACP is promoting an economic boycott of the state of South Carolina because of the Confederate flag flown on state grounds there. As I said, that flag offends me greatly and I do not mind that flag be not only taken down but burned and buried. However, I would rather action be taken against more tangible problems in the Black community rather than a fighting a symbol. If and when the flag goes, it does nothing to solve the present problems of, as the brilliant writer M.D.Currington lists:

We address ourselves as bitch and nigga rather than ma'am or sir.
We are children whose mothers are hooked on drugs, alcohol and engage in prostitution
We are children whose fathers are absent - we've either never met them, they are in jail, and/or for some ridiculous reason we haven't spoken to them in years.
We are babies who have babies ending up as single parents
Our children are gang members who don't believe that they will live to be old men and women.
We have family members with very serious criminal histories - some are incarcerated.
We are welfare recipients and high school drop-outs
We rent and do not own
We chose flashy, expensive cars and loud sound systems and drive home to rented houses & apartments with no computers inside.
Some of us are employed, but few of us are entrepreneurs.

What offends you more, the Confederate flag or the previous list of current problems that a flag cannot solve? I hope the boycott of South Carolina is not taking money from Black business owners and making them suffer and adding to the list of problems.

By the way, who protested the Confederate flag on the car the “General Lee” on that old TV series The Dukes of Hazzard? Don’t you think it was very difficult to protest a Confederate flag when you saw the Dukes Brothers driving Miss Daisy Dukes in extra-short Southern Fried Hot Pants?

The development of the Southern Strategy -- VIDEO

Where the Republicans goofed.

Racist Democrats -- VIDEO

No fooling???

Pot Calling the Kettle Black -- VIDEO

No fooling???

KKK Democrats -- VIDEO

No fooling???

Not black enough? -- VIDEO

Hawkish Democrats -- VIDEO

I'm not a fan of President Bush (and some Republicans), but let's put all the cards on the table.

Alex Jones - David Gergen -- VIDEO

Skull and Bones 322 -- VIDEO

Understand I'm Not a Fan of President Bush

But I have to ask the ones who want to impeach Bush, do you really want a President Dick Cheney?

The Republican Party Exposed -- VIDEO

A Letter to the Nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court


Please bear with me as this is my first time writing to you and to the other justices of the Court.

Please schedule Case Number is 06-1107 Wayne Perryman on Behalf of Himself and the African American Citizens of the United States v The Democratic National Committee for a full hearing.

If you look at the history section of the official website of the Democratic Party (, in one paragraph it says: “In 1848 the National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, now the longest running political organization in the world. The Convention charged the DNC with the responsibility of promoting the Democratic cause between the conventions and preparing for the next convention.” The very next paragraph says: “As the 19th Century came to a close, the American electorate changed more and more rapidly….” We leave 1848 and timewarp to the late 19th Century? Why the 50-year gap in the Democratic Party’s history? Why did they leave out the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the many years afterward?

I’m sure you have heard the expression: “I was born at night, but not last night.” I feel that the Democratic Party purposely left out that part of its history because it has a legacy of support of slavery, Ku Klux Klan terror, lynchings, Black Codes, Jim Crow, etc. There are African Americans who call that the maafa, much like Jewish people call the Holocaust the shoah. Such history is what they would rather the African American population not to really know about at first glance if they want to keep majority African American support.

Rev. Perryman wrote a book called Unfounded Loyalty and did his homework in researching for the book. Understand that there was a time when Perryman was a loyal Democratic voter. He once thought that the Democratic Party did the most for Blacks. When asked exactly what did the Democrats do for Blacks, he was at a loss for words. He decided to find out. What he found was shocking to him.

Here are some quotes from his book:
· “Professor Allen Trelease, History Professor of the University of North Carolina and author of Reconstruction: The Great Experience, said: ‘The Democrats were everywhere the party of White supremacy. Most Southern whites never lost their outrage at the idea of Negro equality in general and the Negro voting and holding office in particular.’”
· “Professor John Hope Franklin (of Brooklyn College) wrote, ‘…the Democrats resorted to violence’ just to stay in power. ‘In some communities Negroes were forced to vote for Democrats….If Negro rule meant chaos and disorder to the Democrats, the mere threat of it was enough for the Democrats to resort to violence themselves. As early as 1866 when Southern whites had almost complete charge of Reconstruction, a kind of guerilla warfare was carried out against both blacks and whites who represented the Washington government in the South. These white Southerners, who were determined to guide their own destiny and control Negroes, struck with fury and rage.”
· “In 1871, several Southern blacks were interviewed regarding their voting preferences and the intimidation that they experienced at the polls. The interviews were documented by the Joint Select Committee to Inquire into Conditions of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States. The interviews became a part of Senate Report No. 579 in the 48th Congress.”
· “Professor Allen Trelease, author of Reconstruction: The Great Experience, said: ‘Klansmen in disguise rode through Negro neighborhoods at night warning Negroes either to cast Democratic ballots or stay away from the poll. The Klan also sent notices to Republican office holders, warning them of death and telling them to either resign or leave the vicinity. Similar notices went to active Republicans of both races and often to the teachers of Negro schools as well. Klan activities created a reign of terror in many localities and sometimes had the desired effect of demoralizing Negroes and Republicans…. Republicans of both races were threatened, beaten, shot, and murdered with impunity. In some areas Negroes stopped voting or voted the Democratic ticket as the Klan demanded.’ Trelease went on to say, ‘Democrats, by a king of tortured reasoning, sometimes accused Negroes and Republicans of attacking and even killing each other so that the crimes would be blamed on the Democrats; investigations usually revealed that the Democrats had committed the acts themselves.’”
· “Professor (John Hope) Franklin went on to say from his book entitled Reconstruction After the Civil War, ‘It was reported that in North Carolina the Klan was responsible for 260 outrages, including 7 murders and the whipping of 72 whites and 141 Negroes. In one county in South Carolina, 6 men were murdered and more than 300 were whipped during the first six months of 1870. The personal indignities inflicted upon individual whites and Negroes were so varied and so numerous as to defy classification or enumeration.’”
· “In his book, The Abolitionist Legacy, Professor James McPherson reported, ‘In 1873, Louisiana became almost a synonym for chaos and violence. When Grant sent federal troops to install Kellogg in office [as governor], Louisiana Democrats were infuriated. They formed White Leagues which attacked black and white Republicans and took scores of lives.’”
· “Professor Howard O. Lindsey, the author of A History of Black Americans, says, ‘Blacks and sympathetic whites were attacked and threatened. African Americans were discouraged from seeking elected office and even from trying to vote. Any and all means were used from threats to violence to outright murder.’”

Perryman says: “Modern-day Democrats must stop pretending that they were the party of black people and confess that it was their predecessors who started many of the racist practices that we are now trying to eradicate….Republicans laid the foundation for civil rights by passing legislation and instituting programs that Democrats were adamantly opposed to, such as:
1. The Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 to abolish slavery.
2. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 to give Negroes citizenship and protect freedman from Black Codes and other repressive legislation.
3. The First Reconstruction Act of 1867 to provide more efficient Government of the Rebel- or Democratic-controlled states.
4. The Fourteenth Amendment in 1868 to make all persons born in the United States citizens. Part of this Amendment specifically states ‘No State shall deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; or deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’
5. The Fifteenth Amendment of 1870 to give the right to vote to every citizen.
6. The Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 to stop Klan terrorists who terrorized black voters, Republicans, white teachers, who taught blacks, and Abolitionists.
7. The Civil Rights Act of 1875 to protect all citizens in their civil and legal rights and to prohibit racial discrimination in places of public accommodations.
8. Freedman’s Bureau (had) social programs established by Republicans to feed, protect, and educate the former slaves.
9. The 1957 Civil Rights Act and the 1960 Civil Rights Act were signed into law by President Eisenhower who also established the U.S. Civil Rights Commission in 1958, a commission that was rejected by Truman during his administration.
10. The 1964 Civil Rights Act, which key Republicans pushed law through while key Southern Democrats like Al Gore, Sr. debated against its passage. More Republicans voted for this law than Democrats.”

I read in several places that years ago the Republicans in Congress wanted an Anti-Lynching Bill. The Democrats opposed it. Why would they want to oppose murder? I have seen graphic photos of the lynching victims. One had 5 hanging from one tree. Space does not allow for the rest of the bloody history as well as the resistance to civil rights that the Democratic Party leaves out on that website.

I have a friend who used to be the liaison between the California Democratic Assembly and the Clinton White House. He also worked one of Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns. At that he believed that the worst Democrat was better than the best Republican. The reason why, he thought that the Republican Party was the party of slavery, Ku Klux Klan terror, lynchings, Black Codes, Jim Crow, etc. I’m sure you can sympathize with him. However a Republican showed him some true history and he did some research on his own.

He discovered that that party he worked for and was loyal to was the real party of slavery, KKK, etc. He felt he was lied to. He immediately switched party affiliations, of course. Urban legends take a life of their own. I was told that a Black woman thought the Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat. I was even told that a Black woman in Illinois believed that for a Black person to vote Republican was illegal!

Your Honor, think of the implications if hundreds of thousands of younger Black voters, age 50 and younger, who also believe that Urban Legend. The Democratic Party never had reason to admit the truth nor to apologize publicly. As I showed, they are actively hiding the truth. They need the Black vote to stay in business. They do not want Blacks to know, as Perryman writes: “Prior to this time from 1866 to 1928, blacks voted exclusively for the Republican ticket.” He also wrote: “Many blacks would be surprised to learn that:
1. A number of black schools and colleges were actually started by and named after white Republicans and abolitionists.
2. The first black elected officials after the Civil War were Republicans and not Democrats.
3. The founding fathers of the NAACP were themselves white and were individuals who supported the Republicans’ efforts to assist African Americans.”

I even discovered that the “racist” Senator Barry Goldwater was a dues-paying member of the NAACP in Arizona. My mother forgave him after finding that out 40 years after his presidential campaign.

The Republican Party, as flawed at it is, is a victim of miscommunication and political deception. Many good White civil-rights and equal-rights Republicans have been immediately branded as “racists” in the minds of many Blacks. And many Black Republicans have been branded as “Uncle Tom’s” or “Sambo’s,” playing with the KKK and White supremacists. I can say there is Black voter “disenfranchisement by default” based on a false belief that Blacks have had about Republicans for years. It is not right that the Democratic Party hide the truth from Blacks. I have talked to Blacks, like an ex-girlfriend, who thought as my friend did that it was Republicans who owned slaves. It is only just that the Democratic Party make a public admission and an apology of its legacy of slavery, racist laws, and terror so that the Black voters can make a true choice based on facts and not on prejudice.

Please let there be a full hearing on the matter.


Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial -- VIDEO

With a very young "Carlton" from "Fresh Price of Bel Air" who imitates MJ.

Role Reversal in Battle Over O.J. Simpson Book

Insults Fly as Bitter Litigants Switch Sides

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EXCLUSIVE: Obama Bests Clinton in Primary Fundraising

Newcomer Obama Raises More Primary Cash than Clinton

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Suspects 'detained in Ethiopia'

US agents have been interrogating al-Qaeda suspects in secret Ethiopian prisons, human rights groups allege.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

The Fall of the Black Messiah, The Rise of Personal Leadership

"The article also asks whether today's generation even needs a leader, one man (and it's always a man) who shepherds us like flock. Like the people over at Booker Rising, I must also respond no. Sure, there will always be people who lead various groups. However, black Americans now come from a variety of backgrounds. In fact, not enough attention is paid to the diversity within black American communities. Contrary to popular assumptions, we are not a monolith. Just last week, a friend of mine had to check a white Australian-born-and-raised teenager who expressed amazement about my views. 'She's the first black person who I've met with such conservative (read: libertarianism vs. his socialism) views,' he told my friend. My girl had to remind him that yes, we black people do come in different packages. "

Go to

CNN Reporter: Blacks Don’t Vote Republican Because of ‘Perception of Racism’

"On Wednesday’s 'Situation Room,' reporter Bill Schneider, in a piece on minorities in America, very casually alleged that African Americans don’t vote for Republicans because of
'the perception of racism.'"

Go to

Remember Bulworth?

Have you seen the motion picture Bulworth with Warren Beatty and Halle Berry? Beatty played a fictional Democratic Senator named Jay Bulworth. There was a scene in a Black church that goes like this:

BLACK LADY: Are you saying the Democratic Party don't care about the African American community?

BULWORTH: Isn't that obvious? What are you going to do? Vote Republican? C'mon C'mon. You're not going to vote Republican! Let's call a spade a spade..."

Rent or buy Bulworth.

Black Americans must stop voting as a monolith

"For one thing, a great many black people associate the Republican Party with racism. This means that voting Democratic is often less about making a personal choice than voting on the basis of a group concern.

"This is understandable. But it's also obsolete. It's time for the black community to start spreading its vote across the two main parties.

"The Democrats have no reason to address our concerns in any real way, because we're a slam-dunk."

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Blacks Are Not A One Size Fits All

"Most are not impressed with first black this/that. We already know that some of those FIRSTS will turn on and do a number on their own at first opportunity. We, at times, get suspicious and nervous of fellow blacks placed in positions historically used to further oppress, torment and abuse us. Historically, we're aware those abuses and torments have too often remained the same or worsen when one of our own have been placed in charge. So there's no consolation there, either. Far too many from within have exploited the problems and issues of our people for their own selfish gains and to guarantee a place for themselves at the table."

Go to

The Ultimate Emancipation

"The ultimate emancipation of black Americans is underway. It is an intellectual emancipation from destructive orthodoxies promulgated by many blacks or by well-meaning whites. Now comes an emancipation proclamation in book form, 'Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America by John H. McWhorter, a black professor of linguistics at Berkeley.

“'Professional pessimism of victimologists gives blacks the balm of moral absolution and belief in a permanent entitlement to exemption from the rules of a competitive society.'
— John McWhorter"

Go to

The Black KKKommentator

"Again, I find myself having to repeat what I have said all along: liberal blacks (and some condescending whites) believe since we all look alike, we should think and vote alike."

Go to

All black people aren't alike; and we need to hear all sides

"So black folks have learned to preach a gospel of ''unity,'' under which criticism of the family stays inside the family. It's a well-intentioned rule with, for my money, an unintended and negative side effect. Namely, it encourages whites to think of blacks as a monolith possessed of but a single opinion on any given topic and to conclude that they are unwilling or unable to address their own failings. As the poll data suggest, few things could be further from the truth....

"Truth is, the white community needs to hear both Derek and Rasheed. And Tameka besides. And the black community needs to let them be heard, free of unwritten rules. Needs frank discussion as a means of confronting a myriad of serious problems. Yes, many of those problems grow from living nearly 400 years under slavery and American apartheid. Yes, too, many grow from personal failure, from the fact that black folks are heir to the same foolishness, foibles and flaws that beset all human beings. And many grow from some combination of all the above.

It would be healthy for the nation at large and the black community in particular for black people to be able to discuss those problems, to challenge, criticize and debate one another openly and honestly, without caring who hears. Healthy for the black community because it hastens the search for solutions. Healthy for the nation because it helps destroy the myth of monolith. Not to mention a certain insidious double standard. Or hadn't you noticed that, when white fathers fail their families, white people never have to stop and wonder if any of this will be interpreted as evidence of their congenital inferiority?

Yes, African Americans ought to be wary of ever appearing to validate bigotry. But where wariness demands abrogation of the fundamental human right to debate and dissent, it crosses the point of diminishing returns and makes us what we abhor. There is, after all, a word for the person who insists that all black people speak and think alike.


Go to

I declare here and now, my fundamental human right to debate and dissent. I have left the plantation years ago.


By Betsy Newmark · November 18, 2005 10:43 AM

"LaShawn Barber revisits the story of a mixed-race student at Winthrop University who was so hounded for expressing opinions outside the accepted boundaries for 'black think' that she has decided to withdraw from the school. It is such a shame that it is impossible to have a civil discussion on race. You would think that a university would be the perfect atmosphere for an open-minded discussion, but that is, apparently, too much to ask.

"It sounds like this girl had some thoughtful points to make. Her big mistake was to compare the discrimination suffered by blacks in the past with the discrimination she perceives against whites today. That seems a strained comparison, but debate the issue with her, don't demonize her."

Black Self-Genocide

" The maddening noise of victimization being sung by those of us so long denied an opportunity to sit at the table in full partnership in America must refocus. Coming down the highway, listening to PBS it was stated that in a New York high school the rate of AIDS among black males was more than 50%. Over 60% of black children are born out of wedlock. The highest recorded rate of AIDS in North Carolina’s college age population is unfortunately on our black campuses. 1 in 8 black males will be incarcerated or have some experience with the criminal justice system. The leading cause of death in black men and women between 20-40 is AIDS. The pollution of our communities with drugs isn’t solely due to sellers but users who willingly inflict pain and destruction on their bodies. Continuing along this path many are on, our very existence is threatened."

Go to

George Orwell's 1984: the 50s Version -- VIDEO

Escape mental slavery. What others call "thoughtcrimes" are attempts to keep you on their plantation. Don't let the White or Black Taliban keep you in chains....

Black Hitler 1 -- VIDEO

Black Hitler 2 -- VIDEO

1984 is already here -- VIDEO

This sick video shows how the NYPD is planning on setting up cameras all over the city to stop "terrorists" and crime. Eric Blair, also knows as George Orwell, is rolling in his grave.

Orwell 1984: It is here.... -- VIDEO

1984 trailer -- VIDEO

V for Vendetta Televised Speech -- VIDEO

This is London

Copyright 2007 Robert Oliver, All Rights Reserved

George Orwell, Big Brother is watching your house

"The message is reminiscent of a 1949 poster to mark the launch of Orwell's 1984: 'Big Brother is Watching You'. "

Shouting Big Brother Cameras To Use Child Voices

Psychological warfare to shame dissenters into obedience
"What does it say about the state of a society in general that the government has given up on a portion of people and has decided that the best course of action is to extradite them and label them as fair game for methods of control that wouldn't look out of place in a horrific dystopian science fiction film?

"The current divisions within society are frightening. We have reached the point where the general public is willing to accept massive invasions of their own privacy in order to deal with people they consider to be a bit of a nuisance from time to time.

"It would not be surprising at all to see some people reveling in the control, egging on the shouting cameras and engaging in a proverbial "two minutes hate" against those they no longer dare stand up to themselves because they, quite rightly, fear for their own safety if they were to do so.

"The most dangerous form of tyranny is one that has the consent of the people."

Go to

Black like Obama

"Next irrelevant question: Is Hillary Clinton man enough to be president?"

Go to

Or is she Blacker than Obama?

Oscar Brown Jr. -- VIDEO

A Silent Tribute

Oscar Brown Jr - Children Of Children -- VIDEO

Miriam Makeba-Pata Pata -- VIDEO

(TV reecord,S.Paulo,Brazil,1968)

Barack Obama: Race versus Substance

"Much of the hype about whether Barack Obama was 'black enough' for the African-American community had died down when reports began to surface that the Reverend Al Sharpton had complained about Obama’s 'blackness.' Specifically, the reports alleged, Sharpton was concerned that Obama had never been active in the black community and that his campaign was largely driven by white Americans.

"As the first serious black contender for the Presidency, Obama came under fire early for not being 'black enough' to fully represent African-Americans. Jolivette Anderson-Douoning, facility and program supervisor for the Black Cultural Center, said the following: 'His father didn’t experience Jim Crow. He was a black man not defined by Jim Crow America.' She went on to say that the black community was concerned with Obama’s family’s lack of the 'black experience” and his politics towards blacks.'"

Go to

If Sharpton really said that Obama had never been active in the black community, then Sharpton is not familar with the Black community in Chicago. As state senator, Obama had a large Black district. He had the support of the Black community in Chicago for his U.S. Senate run, and he goes to a very PRO-BLACK church called Trinity United Church of Christ.

People outside of Chicago who claim that Obama has no experience with the Black community or even with the "Black Experience" need to keep their mouths closed first and find out the facts.

I Caught Dr. Henry Kissinger

Copyright 2007 Robert Oliver, All Rights Reserved

The Midnight Movers - Soul Man -- VIDEO

Bobby Byrd - Soul man (1968) -- VIDEO


Soul Man Whats happening brother? -- VIDEO

Mikaela on "Acting Black" -- VIDEO

michael jackson pepsi commercial -- VIDEO

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Closing the Loop on Reparations

Rev. Wayne Perryman has filed suit against the Democrat Party, charging “that because of their racist past practices the Democratic Party should be required to pay African Americans Reparations.”

"You see, Rev. Perryman, a conservative minister from Seattle, Washington, has filed suit against the Democrat Party, charging 'that because of their racist past practices the Democratic Party should be required to pay African Americans Reparations.'"

Go to

Blacks breaking away from 'absurd' party categories

"The partisanship of black voters is showing signs of change after 40 years as the Democrats' most loyal voting bloc, demonstrated by the number of black politicians running strong campaigns for statewide offices under both major political parties.

"National figures show political discourse moving in directions other than those that have dominated the black public conversation."

Go to

'Black enough'? Enough's enough

"How do you pass the black-enough test, anyway? Must your hair be kinky enough to dull a razor? Is eating black-eyed peas and greens on New Year's Day required? Can you get by with only SPF 15 without burning?"

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“Acting Black” = Underachievement

By Tariq Nelson

"I feel that understanding this attitude is important because many of them bring this same attitude into Islam and dress it with righteous vocabulary. If a black child is asking another one 'why aren’t you acting black?' it is the same as asking 'why aren’t you underachieving and acting ignorant?' An entire culture of underachievement has been formed. Laziness becomes 'zuhud.' Not having a job becomes 'sacrifice.'

"However, the article below states that even white kids are asking this question now of black children…They expect them to act like the one black, fast talking, underachieveing street-wise character who 'acts black' (the polar opposite of the Magic Negro) in those movies that otherwise have a cast of straight laced white people."

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Introducing George Jefferson -- VIDEO

Count Basie - Basie's Boogie -- VIDEO

Cab Calloway - Hi De Ho -- VIDEO

Cab Calloway

Cab Calloway (December 25, 1907November 18, 1994) was a famous American jazz singer and bandleader. Calloway was a master of energetic scat singing and led one of the United States' most popular African American big bands from the start of the 1930s through the late 1940s. Calloway's Orchestra featured performers that included trumpeters Dizzy Gillespie and Adolphus "Doc" Cheatham, saxophonists Ben Webster and Leon "Chu" Berry, New Orleans guitar ace Danny Barker, and bassist Milt Hinton. Calloway continued to perform right up until his death in 1994 at the age of 86.

For more details, go to

Calloway Boogie -- VIDEO

Short film with Cab Calloway, Jonah Jones. Not the best Calloway, but he still swings and dances like no one else! 1950

Senator Robert Byrd says a nig...I mean naughty word -- VIDEO

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, many other Black leaders were all in an uproar right? There were busloads of protestors converging on Washington D.C. right?

Oops, I forgot. Senator Byrd is a Democrat. Since Democrats are out of season when it comes to race, we just hunt Republicans.

Nia, age 5, singing Backstabbers --- VIDEO

She is actually making a political commentary.

Gulf of Tonkin: McNamara admission -- VIDEO

It did not happen.

Welcome to the Vietnam War....

5 year old Chase sings -- VIDEO

"Is you is or is you ain't my baby?" There is a message to be learned....

A Message from Rev. Wayne Perryman: Update on U.S. Supreme Court Case Against the Democratic Party

Dear Friends

Today I filed a Supplemental Brief in the Supreme Court. It contains previous cases similar to the one that I filed against the Democratic Party, cases that were upheld by the current Justices on the Supreme Court. It also contains relevant quotes from Senator Barack Obama and Alexander Solzhenitsyn regarding justice and the Democrat's racist past..

It is my understanding that the Justices will meet on Friday, April the 13th to decide whether or not they will accept the case and schedule it for a full hearing. It only takes four Justices to agree to take the case. If there was ever a time that I needed your prayers it is now and if there was ever a time that I needed you to write the court (if you have not) is now. If the court accepts the case, and I really believe that they will, expenses to proceed could be as high as $50,000 or more. Some how the Lord will provide these funds as he has in the past. Perhaps we can come up with a fund raiser.

The address to U.S. Supreme Court is

Supreme Court of the United States
Washington D.C. 20543-0001

The case number is 06-1107 Wayne Perryman on Behalf of Himself and the African American Citizens of the United States v The Democratic National Committee

This is a historic landmark case and it should be heard. We are so close to setting the record straight. Thanks for all the support you have given me, now it is in the hands of the Lord.

Wayne Perryman

* * *
Even though naysayers will talk about the "Southern Strategy," which is a fact, and even Senator Trent Lott stupidly saying "The spirit of Jefferson Davis lives in the Republican Party," and other misdeeds of some Republicans, it does not compare with the decades and decades and decades of maafa (slavery, KKK terror, Black Codes, Jim Crow, lynchings, etc.) supported by the Democratic Party and Democratic voters. Example, the Democrats in Congress opposed anti-lynching bills. The Republicans supported anti-lynching. Who would have been your friend at the time if you were a Black man?

Is you is or is you ain't my baby?
Don't we deserve an apology?

30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War

"But there was no 'second attack' by North Vietnam — no 'renewed attacks against American destroyers.' By reporting official claims as absolute truths, American journalism opened the floodgates for the bloody Vietnam War....

"The official story was that North Vietnamese torpedo boats launched an 'unprovoked attack' against a U.S. destroyer on 'routine patrol' in the Tonkin Gulf on Aug. 2 — and that North Vietnamese PT boats followed up with a 'deliberate attack' on a pair of U.S. ships two days later.

"The truth was very different."

In other words, it never happened and it signaled the start of very bloody conflict that lasted from 1964 to 1975.

Destiny's Child Survivor -- VIDEO

The official song of African Americans who left the plantation.

Survivor (Soul Plane safety video) - - VIDEO

The ONLY part of the stupid film I liked.

Gang Sign from Planet Vulcan

Israel's sex slaves -- Israel of all places has turned into international center of modern-day slavery

"The United Nations recently marked 200 years since the annulment of the transatlantic slave trade. Yet we must recall that in the year 2007, as us Jews celebrate our liberation from slavery, there are still 12.3 million slaves across the world, including at least 3,000 women being traded in Israel – and another thousands of foreign workers who are subjugated here to a life of slavery and humiliation."

Go to,7340,L-3384268,00.html


"A ‘row’ with Sharpton gives Obama the opportunity to show that he’s not in the pocket of black civil rights leaders, who may be vote-losers among centrist whites. "

Questions about Obama's race defies logic

"Debates about who is an 'authentic' black rarely have any merit. This one is particularly mindless and pointless.

"People who identify themselves as African American are disassociating themselves from someone who is half African. What sense does that make? It used to be 'one drop' of black blood made you black. Now being half black is not enough? Using that standard, the Census count of African Americans would plummet.

"The Congressional Black Caucus has no doubts about Obama's race and has accepted him as a member. There is no sensible reason for others to refuse to do so....

"Clearly, it's absurd to assert that Obama is not black because his father was from another country. Nobody disputes these people are black: Malcolm X, whose mother was born in Grenada; Louis Farrakhan, whose mother was from St. Kitts and whose father was from Jamaica; or the late Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, whose mother was from Barbados, and whose father was from Guyana. How about Stokely Carmichael— Mr. "Black Power," born in Trinidad—or Marcus Garvey, the Pan-Africanist from Jamaica? Were they not black?"

Go to

Is Barack Obama Black?

(Is the Pope Catholic? Is Fidel Castro Communist? Is a pimp a parasite? Is Hillary Clinton White?)

"Morrison seems to be saying that in order to be a black man, one must fit into a certain stereotype. One needs to grow up in a broken home, or experience drug problems, or have a limited educational background. These, according to some, are the defining cultural characteristics that make one, 'black.'"

African growth 'steady but frail'

African economic growth will accelerate in 2007, though reforms are needed to underpin "very fragile foundations", a United Nations report has said.

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Excerpts: Ex-Janjaweed fighter story

A former member of Sudan's pro-government Arab militias, the Janjaweed, has told the BBC's Newsnight programme that ministers in Khartoum gave orders for the activities of his unit in the Darfur region, which included killings and rape.

Following are excerpts of the interview with ex-fighter "Ali", who is now living in London.

Go to

Darfur peace force 'needed now'

The African Union has called on Sudan to speed up plans for a new AU/UN peace force in Darfur where five Senegalese soldier were killed on Sunday.

Go to

Be a part of this Historic Challenge

"Please help us continue the fight to gain reparations from the Democratic Party."

"Malcolm X once said that if you consistently give support to a party who makes promises to you, and once in office, do not keep those promises, you are a chump; a political chump--and if you continue to support that party, you are 'not only a chump, but a traitor to your race.'"

Democratic Party's Actual Civil Rights Record Outlined

"Volumes could be written about Senator Robert Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat. The Democratic Senior Senator, and Senate Democratic leader from 1977-1989, Byrd is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan. He filibustered against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and used a racial slur on national television as recently as 2001. But since he's a Democrat, no one calls for his resignation. Compare that to the treatment Trent Lott received for his dumb (asinine -- Ed.)comments.

"Bill Clinton, who has been called 'the first black president,' does not have the sterling record on race that one is led to believe. In an event that is all but forgotten today, reports that then-Arkansas Governor Clinton was sued by the NAACP in 1989 for violating the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. A three judge panel ordered him to redraw electoral districts to allow blacks to have greater voting strength....

"Of course, there is and has been racism in both parties, which every intelligent American regrets. But to claim that the Democratic Party has a superior record on civil rights is to ignore 150 years of history."

Go to

For Byrd KKK was stepping stone to Democrat Politics

"Another telling detail: Byrd's father was a full-fledged Klansman, who participated in KKK parades as his young son cheered from the sidelines.

"In less credible passages of the book, the West Virginia Democrat tries to paint the Klan not as a gang of notorious nightriders but as a Southern version of the Rotary or Elks Club."

Go to

"Simple Sambo" and "Ignorant Mammy"": That's how Democrats view Blacks

"Democrats, who are howling about the much-changed South today voting largely for Republicans, seemed perfectly happy when the then-segregated South voted solidly for the Democrats. Contrary to claims by Democrats, the 'Dixiecrats' remained Democrats and declared that they would rather vote for a 'yellow dog' than vote for a Republican because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks. The over 30-year odyssey of the South switching to the Republican Party began in the late 1970's with President Richard Nixon's 'Southern Strategy' designed to convince Christians to stop supporting the Democratic Party that was denying blacks their civil rights and start supporting the Republican Party that was fighting to the civil rights of blacks. A few Southern states, such as Louisiana, are still controlled by racist Democrats."

Go to

Racist Democrats vs. Colorblind Republicans

"Sadly, Democrats have managed to trick a lot of black Americans into believing that the GOP is a racist party. But, in truth, the Democratic Party was, is, and will likely continue to be the home of far more racists than the GOP. Let me explain why I say that....

"'But for Democrats, race mattered -- and in a disturbing way. Overall, Democrats were willing to give whites about $1,500 more than they chose to give to a black or other minority....' Republicans are likely to be more stringent, both in terms of money and time, Iyengar said. 'However, their position is "principled" in the sense that it stems from a strong belief in individualism (as opposed to handouts). Thus their responses to the assistance questions are relatively invariant across the different media conditions. Independents and Democrats, on the other hand, are more likely to be affected by racial cues.'"

Go to

Black History Month -- On. Rev. Wayne Perryman

"Reading Rev. Perryman’s thoroughly-documented 106 pages of charges and specifications, establishing standing on behalf of the entire class of African Americans, I learned a great many things about black history that I had never known before. For example, I had always assumed that Democratic support for slavery was largely limited to the South. I was unaware that Democratic support for slavery was nearly as strong among northern Democrats as it was in the South....

However, a quick review of web sites and articles on the Internet, all of them touting and promoting Black History Month, provides a stark contrast to the actual events of recorded history. These sources contain hardly a single reference to the elements of black history upon which Rev. Perryman bases his reparations lawsuit – as if none of it ever happened.

In the last three decades, and more, the teaching of Black History has become a major focus in our public schools, particularly in schools of the inner cities. However, when we consider that our children are being taught by members of the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), both political subsidiaries of the Democratic Party, is it any wonder that the Black History curriculum is heavy on music, entertainment, and sports history, and very, very light on political history?

It represents one of the greatest cover-ups in history, and although we are not generally in favor of paying reparations to entire classes of citizens, we can at least hope that the historical documentation contained in Rev. Perryman’s lawsuit will soon become part of the public debate.

Go to

Blacks might be surprised to compare Republican history with the Democrats’

"May 22, 1856: Two years after the Grand Old party's birth, U.S. Senator Charles Sumner (R., Mass.) rose to decry pro-slavery Democrats. Congressman Preston Brooks (D., S.C.) responded by grabbing a stick and beating Sumner unconscious in the Senate chamber. Disabled, Sumner could not resume his duties for three years."

High drama...

Go to

Monday, April 2, 2007

Revisiting the Malcolm X Assassination

"The three men convicted of the killing were all fanatic followers of Muhammad. But did they kill Malcolm out of robotic blind hatred? Were there others involved? And who stood to benefit the most from Malcolm's death? Those are the tougher questions that beg answers, but remain shrouded in mystery.

"The men almost certainly hated Malcolm and believed they were being good Muslims by killing him. However, the FBI and the New York police department's super secret elite undercover unit, the Bureau of Special Services (BOSS) also hated Malcolm. They waged a fierce illegal and shadowy campaign to undermine Malcolm and the Muslims. They riddled the Nation of Islam and Malcolm's group, the OAAU, with informants, and police agents. They dogged his tail on his travels in Africa, and the Middle East. FBI and BOSS agents reported on every word of his speeches and press conferences."

Go to

The Assassination of Malcolm X -- VIDEO

Malcolm X Interviewed by Kenneth Clark -- VIDEO

Malcolm X on 'City Desk' in Chicago -- VIDEO

The Firebombing of Malcom X's Home - Pt. 1 -- VIDEO

Firebombing of Malcolm X's home Pt. 2 -- VIDEO

Amos, Andy and Tony Soprano

"Amos 'n' Andy" was a popular TV sitcom in the 1950s with an all-black cast. It was taken off the air under protests from civil rights organizations. Blacks families like mine thought the show was often buffoonish, sexist and in bad taste. We also watched it every week....Compared to some of the buffoonish comedies that feature all-black casts on TV today, including some of the stand-up comedy and sit-com reruns on BET, the black-oriented cable network, 'Amos 'n' Andy' looks downright sophisticated."

Go to


"NPR's Brooke Gladstone reports on the strange history of the serial "Amos 'n' Andy." The adaptation of the black minstrel show started on radio, moved to television, and has recently been released on video. In its 70 years, the show has gone from being hugely popular, to being reviled as racist, back to being accepted as great entertainment-- now even scholar Henry Louis Gates likes it."

Well did Kingfish ever call Saphire a "bitch" or a "ho" or "hoe"? Was Andy a "thug?"

Was Amos' pants dropping in the back? Did they ever call each other that "N-word" at anytime? Did they MF each other all the time?

Were they all hanging out, smoking blunts, talking about who they got laid with?

On that show, a "dog" was an animal you fed Alpo and housebroke, and a "hoe" was a garden tool.

And none of them were convicts.

Why Did We Abandon Them After Apartheid? -- South Africa's Crime Crisis

"To live with the statistics is not easy. A serious crime is committed every 17 seconds in South Africa and Johannesburg is the epicentre of the crisis.

"The reality behind the statistics means that I live behind a high brick wall, topped with an electric fence.

"I cannot see the street outside: I cannot see the horizon. My house is alarmed day and night: so is my garage. I pull in and out of it fast: most armed carjackings take place in people's own driveways.

"They are often serious in the extreme: they are fatal. I've worked across this continent for years on the basis that I'm happy to call an aggressive man with a gun "Sir" and to give him what he wants.

So far I have survived the ill-disciplined rebel fighters, militiamen and soldiers. But in South Africa it is different - the armed men don't always give you the chance to hand the car over. They just shoot.

"Of course, sometimes they don't shoot. But it is the fear of what may happen which is paralysing, which restricts your life, which is a daily exhausting stress."

Are there any African Americans speaking out about South African crime like they did with South African apartheid?

Where is the solidarity that we used to have with that country?

Evidence for God from Science

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"There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs -- partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs....There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public."

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