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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Where Are All The Blacks?

by Minister J.C. Tyler

Several years ago while watching Christian television in Chicago, I was confronted with a scene that changed m life forever. They were showing excerpts from the Bernard Nathanson video, Silent Scream. I was so appalled at what I saw that I screamed aloud, “my God, that’s a life.” At the end of the program I dialed the telephone number that was given for those who wanted to help stop the killing or just wanted more information. I was told that the first thing to do was to educate myself, and then educate others. In this quest to educate myself I attended various right to life functions, where I was almost always asked the question “where are all the Blacks? Don’t they know that abortion is genocide to their race?”

It has been well over a decade since I saw that little innocent baby hopelessly fighting to escape the hands of death. Upon “educating myself in order to educate others,” I found that the prime factor behind many abortionists was racism. In fact, one infamous abortionist once stated that he “would abort an Hispanic baby for free, and when he looks and sees all of the welfare mothers in his clinics he knows that he is doing the right thing.”

I also learned that about 30% of all abortions performed in this country were performed on only 6% of the population, Black women. When compared to their White counterparts of childbearing age, Black women were receiving abortions at a rate of 2 to1. I was also amazed to learn that there was even a “Negro Project,” designed decades earlier by the number one providers of abortions in the world. With a motto of “more from the fit, and less from the unfit” it was no surprise to learn that over 70% of their clinics were in the poor and minority communities of America.

Now, when I saw that little pre-born helplessly murdered inside of its God-given sanctuary, I did not know if it was black, red, white, or yellow. What I did know was that it was a live human being with the “God-given Right to Life.” Soon I learned that there were all kinds of organized outreaches to the White community.

However, after years of legalized “death by abortion,” there were still no crisis pregnancy centers in many of the Black communities of America. Even though 80% to 90% of the clients who visit those that exist outside of the community are Black. This is an example of the outreach (or lack of it) to the Black communities. Yet many right-to-life groups proudly boast of existing just as long or longer than Roe versus Wade itself. This should not be.

Today Black women receive about 44% of all abortions in the United States. For every three Black babies born, two more are killed in the womb. Every two years we lose about one million of our children through death by abortion.

Our very heritage is at stake. We must become just as diligent in saving the lives of our children, as others are in taking it. There is a need to involve the Black community in the effort to preserve its own posterity. Blacks must now be received as the concerned leaders that they are, not just as workshop leaders and keynote speakers. Not just as token heads of organizations, or committees that exist only on paper. The time as come to implement and support true minority outreach efforts, by Black and white pro-lifers alike.

The pro-abortionists and eugenicists have systematically targeted the poor and the minorities of the world. It is time now for all of us to be genuinely concerned about the sanctity and humanity of all human life.

A few years ago, Janet Hudspeth of California, Leon Jones of Ohio, Emma Sanders of Indiana, Pastor Joe Dallas of Wisconsin, along with myself and others set out to answer this question asked so frequently by so many seasoned right-to-lifers. However, instead of receiving the expected and necessary support from the already existing right-to-life organizations, we were met with overwhelming suspicions and great indifference.

Although I thank God for the efforts of my White brothers and sisters, only Blacks can effectively mobilize the Black community. By the grace of God we will do it, and when we do, it will benefit our whole civilization. Not only will the lives of black-skinned people be saved, but red, white, yellow, and brown alike.

The time has come for Blacks to stand up and be counted! While Blacks must not unite for the purpose of forming a separate wing of the “Pro-Life Movement,” we must no longer be as complacent as we have been in the past. So let me put this question to rest as to where are the Blacks. We are here right beside you, fighting with all of our might to end this abominable killing. We are doing all that we can with as much as we have, and desire to do even more.

So, I say to my White brothers and sisters, when I saw the Silent Scream video, I did not see a color but a life. What do you see? And as I look at your strategically well-run established organizations and fail to see anyone who looks like me, I must now ask the same question of you – Where Are All Of The Blacks?

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