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Saturday, March 31, 2007

African American Figures Break From Pack

"It didn't take long for (Juan) Williams to find himself on the receiving end of the usual barrage of epithets applied to black figures who stray from the party line. During interviews to discuss his book, Williams described receiving a torrent of angry e-mails calling him an 'Uncle Tom,' 'Oreo' (as in black on the outside, white on the inside) and worse. In other words, Williams was accused of not being a 'real' black man. Were such accusations to come from outside the black community they would certainly be considered racist. But for some reason, the assumption that all blacks must think alike has become accepted by the African American establishment....

"But Williams is certainly no conservative. He's a registered Democrat and a columnist for the Washington Post and a senior correspondent for National Public Radio, neither of which are known for being particularly right-wing. In addition, Williams is one of the liberal-to-moderate contributors in the Fox News stable of political analysts. But on this particular issue, he seems to have bridged the political divide. While black conservatives had been saying largely the same thing for many years, it took someone of Williams' mainstream stature to bring it to the fore."

The Black Taliban is open for business as usual. Someone call Western Union and send them a message that a lot of African Americans have already left the plantation and left no forwarding address.

Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What We Can Do About It

Cosby and Breaking the Cycle

Joseph C. Phillips

"Marriage is the most effective anti-poverty program ever created! If a child finishes high school, marries before having children and marries after the age of 20, there is only an eight percent chance of ending up impoverished. Study after study shows that children raised in homes without fathers are more prone to sexual and physical abuse and are more likely to experiment with drugs and sex at an early age. Married women also suffer fewer instances of physical and sexual abuse. Studies also show that married men have lower rates of almost every social ill on which statistics are kept: criminal behavior, crime victimization, unemployment, drug addiction, and suicide."

Is Morgan Freeman Right?

"Morgan Freeman says he finds Black History Month 'ridiculous,' and that's the quote that ended up on headlines all across the country. But to really understand his sentiments, we have to listen to the rest of the quote. 'You're going to relegate my history to a month?' he asked. "I don't want a Black History Month. Black history is American history," he said."

Perpetual victimhood just a bad habit

"McWhorter and Elder may be viewed as heretics and defectors by the academic and media establishments, but their views seem closer to those of most black Americans. Polls consistently show that blacks as a group have strongly conservative social views. The two authors may speak for more people than they know."

The Nation of Islam is the most conservative group in the Black community, by the way. I wonder about the Black "silent majority."

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The Psychology of Victimhood

"Today's political left, according to Steele, has shifted from the old left approach of individual freedom, principles and responsibility, to the new left of dissociation. This new dissociated left has turned against democratic principles and instead engages in a victim mentality for blacks that keeps them on the plantation. The left's deal is that they will keep throwing out a few bones like affirmative action, as long as blacks will allow themselves to be reduced to their race and the left can take moral authority for 'helping' them. As Steele points out, this is a deal with the devil. It results in the impotence of the left in solving social problems and less freedom and autonomy for blacks. How can social problems be solved by telling people that they remain victims because of their race (or gender, for that matter?)"

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Victimhood: Rhetoric or Reality

"Since black politicians and the civil rights establishment preach victimhood to blacks, I'd prefer that they be more explicit when they appear in public fora. Were they to be so, saying racists are responsible for black illegitimacy, blacks preying on other blacks and black family breakdown, their victimhood message would be revealed as idiotic. But being so explicit is not as far-fetched as one might think. In a campaign speech before a predominantly black audience, in reference to so many blacks in prison, presidential candidate John Kerry said, 'That's unacceptable, but it's not their fault.'"

Kerry is Black enough.

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USA: HUD Secretary Attacks Black Victimhood

“They [black leaders] have created an industry,” (Alphonso) Jackson, who is black, told NewsMax. 'If we don’t become victims, they have no income. They have no podium.'”

"'They [black leaders] have created an industry,' Jackson, who is black, told NewsMax. 'If we don’t become victims, they have no income. They have no podium.' Rather than confronting real issues that face blacks, African-American leaders suggest that 'it’s racism that’s stopping everything that we’re doing,' Jackson said.

"'They are in the business of making excuses,' he said. 'White folks have nothing to do with the fact that seven out of every 10 black children born in this country are born out of wedlock,' Jackson said. Nor do they have anything to do 'with that fact that we have more black males in prison than we do in college.'

"While racism still exists, 'Young black kids are getting every opportunity that they need, just like every other kid,' Jackson said. 'I think in 2006 to say that everything is the fault of our brothers and sisters of the lighter hue is ridiculous.'

"Until blacks 'begin to focus in on the serious problems that we have in our communities, and begin to try to solve those problems in the most positive manner that we can, we’re not helping ourselves,' Jackson said."

Bill Cosby -- VIDEO

Black victimhood

"As the civil rights movement of the 1960s shifted its strategy from principled protest to pragmatic politics, which involved the acquisition of material gains such as housing, welfare, and health care, black leaders imputed the disadvantaged circumstances of the black underclass and lower-income groups to the entire black community. The effect was to disguise the achievements of individual blacks and the advancement and expansion of the black middle class that had been underway long before Rosa Parks refused to go the back of the bus. [See Section 'When We Were Colored.'] But the claim to victim status has been a significant characteristic of each stage of black activism. It legitimated the integration movement's politics of redemption as articulated by Martin Luther King, Jr. It was also present in the black power movement's politics of retribution and the black identification movement's politics of exclusion and racial solidarity. Today, it finds expression in the politics of sensitivity, compensation and remediation."

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Commentary: By Selling Images of Black Victimhood, We’re Pimping Our Own Misery

"This is properly called 'pimping misery.' It’s also milking victimhood for everything it’s worth, except that victimhood isn’t worth much. Victimhood and two bucks wouldn’t even buy you a good meal at the cheapest restaurant in your town."

How Did Black Women in the NAACP

" Lynching has been described 'as a systematic weapon of terror against African Americans, white and black Republicans, and anyone who challenged the construction of a new, white supremacist, southern regime.'"

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That is a good article, but I have to correct something. Lynching was against white and black Democrats. It was the Republicans who owned slaves, right? The Democratic Party ALWAYS fought for Black folks. It was the Democratic Party that freed the slaves. Just do some research on the internet and you will find out the real truth.

Top Senate Democrat apologizes for slur

I bet you didn't hear about this one....

"West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd apologized Sunday for a slur he used during a discussion of race relations in a nationally broadcast interview....

"'My old mom told me, "'Robert, you can't go to heaven if you hate anybody." We practice that. There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country, and I'd just as soon quit talking about it so much.'

"In apologizing, Byrd -- the Senate's senior Democrat -- said the phrase dated back to his childhood. In the same interview, Byrd also talked about joining the Ku Klux Klan in his youth, describing it as a mistake."

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Democrats don't say things like that! That must be a misprint. Because if that was true, all our Black leaders would have had press conferences, demands for an apology (maybe even reparations), and radio/TV interviews over it. You would have heard a lot about it like with Michael Richards at that comedy club.

So CNN got the wrong man. They really meant Trent Lott, the Republican, must have said that.

Democrats have ALWAYS been good to us Black folks in its entire history, especially before the Civil War. Look up their history and you will find out the truth. They would never join the KKK.

Black leaders unite in call to end use of the 'N' word

"Reverend Jesse Jackson and Congresswoman Maxine Waters are spearheading a national effort to help eradicate use of the 'N' word in the wake of comedian Michael Richards' profanity-laden tirade at a comedy club."

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I'm not afraid to call Rev. Jesse Jackson a "Johnny-come-lately" on this blog, because a few years ago I wrote a personal letter to him in 2004 calling him just that when it came to the slaughter of Black Africans in Sudan. (I wrote that I have never seen him protest that bloodshed like he protested apartheid in South Africa or even when he bussed 2000 people to Decatur, Illinois to protest the expulsion of some Black students from a high school. Then after that, I brought my camera to take pictures at the protest he organized against the slaughter of Black Africans in Sudan.)

The "N"-word existed before Michael Richards was born. If Michael Richards could not perform because of illness, the "N"-word still existed. Ask any gangsta rapper. People, including myself, have always been offended by that word.

Why was there no call to ban the "N"-word a long time ago? Whites and Blacks have been saying it for decades and decades.

Again, Rev. Jackson, is a Johnny-come-lately on this issue too.

Bloom Blog: It's just compensation, Michael Richards

Now this is from a White woman:

"They may have a claim for discrimination in public accommodations, but Doss and McBride's best legal theory is probably intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED) — extreme and outrageous conduct intended to harm another, which causes emotional injury. In my view, if they persuade a jury the facts are as they describe them, they'd stand a good chance of meeting these elements and persuading a jury to award them some damages.

"IIED requires a high threshold showing of behavior that is beyond any reasonable bounds of human decency. We are all expected to tolerate a certain amount of offensive conduct in our daily lives (and those of us who live in New York City certainly experience more than our fair share). But Richards' racist rant is well beyond the moderate-level obnoxious buzz of life in 21st-century America. On the video, many members of the audience, of all races, are horrified, and get up and leave. The video has circulated widely, and been played incessantly on television, precisely because it is so appalling, beyond the pale."

"Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress"? Is this another cooked-up psychological condition that we can blame on someone else?

Does that mean if I watch the video of Richards, if I'm offended, I can get reparations too?

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Can hate speech ever successfully be reclaimed by a community?

"I don’t believe a word used by one community to keep another community subservient can ever be truly reclaimed. Accepting hate speech is accepting victim status and paving the way for hate crimes. If Emmett Till had called himself a nigger, would it have stopped him from being shot, beaten and thrown into a river with a 75-pound cotton gin fan tied to his neck with barbed wire? If Matthew Shepard had called himself a faggot, would it have stopped him from being robbed, beaten, tied to a fence and left to die"?

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Bernie Mac has comedy spot for Richards

"Richards would be part of a series that's slated to include Shaquille O'Neal, Kanye West, Patti LaBelle and George Clooney. Bernie Mac, in town to promote his new movie, "Pride," said he's also invited Richards, and said he bears him no ill will."

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EDITORIAL: 'N' word best left unsaid, unwritten

"Given the history of our country, those who tinker with the “N” word are teetering on the edge of confrontation. When everything is considered, the word is best left unsaid and unwritten."

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Othello (1995) Trailer -- VIDEO

Sanford and Son - Lamont as Othello -- VIDEO

Kyle Doss wants reparations for Kramer calling him a nigger -- VIDEO

If Blacks were an alien race on Star Trek, we would be the race of "victims." Richards was a moron for saying what he said. However, did Richard's physically disable them so that they could not work for a while or for the rest of his life? Did what Richard's said give them brain damage? Did they have to be taken to the emergency room and hospitalized because of what Richard's said? Where in the Constitution does it say that we have the "right not to get offended"?

Now it's time to "get paayed." How I understand it, it is Gloria Allred who suggested that they get "reparations." Now this sets a precedent. Now if anyone calls me a "nigger," White or Black, I can say that I got "offended" and it caused me "pain."

Now if I can get a famous gangsta rap artist to call me a "nigger," then I could look forward to a very comfortable retirement and some nice vacations.

Also too, is there a statue of limitations? Several years ago, Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia said "white niggers" a few years ago on national television. Maybe I got offended and I can go after him.

Anyone know a good "Johnnie Cochran-type" lawyer that can help me get my reparations?

Zimbabwe: Doctor Describes Human Rights Horror

"What we, I have been seeing in Zimbabwe is torture basically by government agents, of people who were gathering to hold peaceful prayers for the problems that Zimbabwe is going through. It was carried on within the grounds of police stations, not on the streets. There was no resistance whatsoever by the victims; it was all perpetrated by police officers."

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Africa: Tutu Reflects - We Live in a Moral Universe; Zimbabwe Tests Our Resolve, Our Judgment

"You know, you could have spent a great deal of time speaking about the war in Iraq, and that would be justifiable. But we forget how before that war, we had millions of people around the world demonstrating against the possibility of a war, miles away from their doorstep. One particular day, when the world said we want to register our opposition to the war, you had this wonderful wave of humanity. Starting in the east as the sun rose, it was wave upon wave upon wave of remarkable people, passionate about peace. If we had the eyes to look, think of the people who spend so much of their time serving people who suffer from HIV and Aids; the many who are involved in relief in places like Darfur."

Somalis cower as fighting rages

The Red Cross says it has deep concerns for civilians trapped in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, as major fighting goes on between troops and rebels.

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Zimbabwe activists 'badly beaten'

Zimbabwe's opposition says nine of its members arrested during the week have been badly beaten up in custody.

Julia Hare at SOBA 2007 -- VIDEO

She is right about Black leaders and "leading Blacks."

Shakespeare Soul Brutha' -- VIDEO

MADtv - Nice White Lady -- VIDEO

Queen Mother Moore

Queen Mother Moore (July 27, 1898 - May 2, 1996) was an African-American civil rights leader and a black nationalist who was friends with such civil rights leaders as Marcus Garvey, Nelson Mandela and Jesse Jackson. She was an important figure in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement and a founder of the Republic of New Afrika.

She was born Audley Moore in New Iberia, Louisiana, where both her parents died before she completed the fourth grade. Moore became a hairdresser at age 15.

A few years later, she became part of the Civil Rights Movement after viewing a speech by Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican native known as the "Black Moses", who founded a back-to-Africa movement, which included the Black Star Line. Inspired by Garvey's views on African culture and pride, she moved to Harlem, New York, and became a leader of his Universal Negro Improvement Association. Garvey's movement collapsed two years later after his conviction and deportation for mail fraud.

After Garvey's deportation, Moore became a leading figure in the Civil Rights Movement, working for a variety of causes over a public life lasting more than 60 years. She made her last public appearance at the Million Man March alongside Jesse Jackson during October 1995.

Taking the first of many trips to Africa in 1972, she was given the honorary title "Queen Mother" of an Ashanti tribe in Ghana, which became her informal name in the United States.

She attended the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa, according to her family.

Queen Mother Moore died in a Brooklyn nursing home from natural causes at age 97.

The Next Black Leader

Black men, even men of other colors, will follow her anywhere....

He's not joking! "We Need to Exterminate White People." -- VIDEO

Hint: That means all the slap happys, amos n andys, black stooges, bootlickers, handkerchief-head negroes, pleasers and appeasers, chicken eaters, knee shakers, prefabricators, snow blacks, butt kissers, co-caucasians, howdy doody's, shoeshine boys, tree tops, white breads, crumb snatchers, backstabbers, behind scratchers, zip coons, foot shufflers, hafricans, aunt jemimas, thomasinas, window dressers, homey kindas, cotton pickers, Rev. Pork Chops, buckdancers, Judases, lawn jockeys, big shot coons, Kingfishers, homo Tomus americanusases, wooly heads, black anglo-saxons,(taking a breath) black skunks, bought-and-sold's, opporTOMists, thank-ya bosses, stooges, integraters, inauthentics, un-colas, uppities, tomfools, turn the other cheeks, shifty-eyes, bugeyes, waterboys, whitewardly mobiles, zebras, Stepin Fetchits, low belly creepers, rent-a-Toms, self-haters, sellouts, speak-when-spoken-to's, house boys, high yallers, turncoats, Uncle Remuses, Sambos, jigaboos, de-blackeds, bourgies, (taking a breath) caste flunkies, cocktail-sippers, yassah yassah yassah-er's, me-too-bosses, and, of course, Uncle Toms gots to go too. And if we think you are one too, you gots to go too. Welcome to our New Black Order where even toothpaste with "special whiteners" is banned.

We don't want nothing white around here, including teeth.

(Don't take this too seriously.) GENOCIDE ALL DEM WHITE FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They gots to go.

Go to

Brother Kamau Rashidi Kambon (, a brother with an African and an Arab Muslim name together, was right! He said we have to exterminate White people off this planet! First thing we gotta do is learn from the best. If we want to do genocide, we gotta do it right or not do it at all. Let's research what the Nazis did before and during World War II. They knew what they were doing. Shall we use deadly gas like they did? Do we need to build ovens like they did. Let's research the genocide in Sudan that has been going on for decades. Shall we use machine guns and bombs like the Sudanese government used on the Blacks in Southern Sudan years ago and using Jangaweed now?( They have been very successful. Also we have to congratulate the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge killed 2,000,000 people, Cambodians along with ethnic Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Good show. And of course, remember Rwanda. Black Hutus killed over 500,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers:"One such massacre occurred at Nyarubuye. Ordinary citizens were called on by local officials and government-sponsored radio to kill their neighbors and those who refused to kill were often killed themselves. "Either you took part in the massacres or you were massacred yourself," said one Hutu, rationalizing an ambivalent mixture of regret, fear, and shame at being forced to kill Tutsis.[20]"Most of the victims were killed in their villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. The militia members mostly killed their victims by chopping them up with machetes, although some army units used rifles. The victims were often hiding in churches and school buildings, where Hutu extremist gangs massacred them. On 12 April 1994, more than 1,500 Tutsis sought refuge in a Catholic church in Kivumu. Local Interahamwe then used bulldozers to knock down the church building. People who tried to escape were hacked down with machetes or shot." Go to Rwandan Genocide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Man! If White folks killed those 500,000 Black folks, it would have been a tragedy. We would have marched and protested. But since Black folks genocided other Black folks, it was not a tragedy at all so there was no need to protest. Only Blacks have the right to slaughter other Blacks. White folks do not have that right. So we need to get all the Black organizations together and do a plebiscite to select the very best way to kill all White people. Let's put it to a vote. Machetes? Bombs? Machine guns? Cyanide gas? Ebola virus? Or is there a better way? Once we all vote and the majority chooses the right method, we will all commit to it and not let it go. But we have to get our reparations first (40 acres and a Black Lexus) before we kill them all off. The time for talk is over!

By the way, we have to genocide all the Uncle Tom's too. However, President Bill Clinton is off limits. He will get special protection. Everyone knows he is really Black. He got soul so he must have Black blood. He just looks White. But that White woman he married? She gots to go too. Sorry. Bill.

Then we have to put ads in the help wanted sections of papers across the country:"WANTED: Capable men and women with creative minds and positive attitudes to commit genocide on an unnamed ethnic group in the world. No experience necessary, but would be helpful. Must be willing to be trained in deadly weapons to be decided by plebiscite. Good pay, travel the world, get lots of respect, get a lot of people scared of you, great benefits such as taking over previously-owned homes, cars, etc. in great neighborhoods after the job is done. Blacks need only apply. This job may require exposure to lots of blood on a continual basis. (And when I say lots, I mean LOTS!) Disposal of massive amounts of corpses of same unnamed ethnic group (and Uncle Tom's and Aunt Tomasina's) is also required in the position. Apply in confidence. Be prepared to dress in revolutionary attire for interviews. This job is not permanent, only temporary."

Once we buried the very last White person in the world, we need to make some changes. Since we have the means to commit genocide on anyone now, we are the ones in power. The so-called United States from now on, henceforth, and what not, will be Black and from now on, henceforth, and what not, it will be the United Black States of America (UBSA). We have to rename the former White cities to reflect our culture. Like Washington, DC, from now on, henceforth, and what not, will be renamed to Blackington, DB, 100% Black majority. Of course no more "White House." It's gonna be Black from now on. No more "Mr. President" but Brother President. I nominate Snoop Doggy Dogg to be Secretary of Education and Rev. Ike to be Secretary of the Treasury. There will also be a new executive department called the Department of Blackness with the Secretary of Blackness as a cabinet member. This department will be responsible for determining who and what is "authentically Black." (Senator Barack Obama would not pass their standards, unfortunately.) It will be the Keeper of the Blackness. Since we genocided Condoleezza Rice along with all the rest of the honkies, we will make Lil' Kim the Secretary of State. Since we will have NASA, renamed BASA (rhymes with "massa"), we have to get the best scientific Black minds to figure out a way to make the man on the moon Black. He has been White for way too long. And brothers be running the Blacktagon from now on, henceforth, and what not.

The official language of our country will be Blacklish or Blinglish. That has to be put to a vote.

From now on, henceforth, and what not, we will have Black York with its 5 bouroughs: Blackhattan, Blacklynn, Blacken Island, The Black Queens, and The Blax. Since Harlem was originally a White name, that got to go too. It will be Blacklem, the way it should have been all along.Also we will have Blackadelphia, Blackimore, Blackancisco in Blackifornia with the Black Gate Bridge, Black Angeles with Blackwood as the center of Black entertainment worldwide, Beverly Blacks, Blacktroit in Blackchigan, Black Diego, Blackas in Blaxas, Blackago on beautiful Lake Blackchigan in Blackinois, Blackami in Blackida, Blackingham in Blackabama, Black Louis, Blackphis in Blackensee, Black Vegas, Blackston in Blackachusetts, Blackerquerque in New Blaxico, Blacknix in Blackizona (the state with Black Canyon), and Blackeattle in the state of Blackington. The Black Hills of Dakota had the right name from the start.

Since we will have control of the media there will be new changes. CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS will be BNN, BBC (not to be confused with our funny talking brothers over at the Blackish Broadcasting Company in Blackdon, Blackland. They don't talk like real Black folks at all. (Y'all know what I'm talkin' bout. They don't talk sho nuff, get-down-and-dirty, straight-from-da-hood Black. That's, you know, BLACK.) They talk just like the White folks there we genocided. We gotta watch them brothers over there carefully.), BNBC, and BBS respectively. In comics there will be no more "Superman." It will be Blackerman with a black costume with a big yellow "B" on his chest. He comes from the planet Blackton, he lives and works in Blacktropolis, and the only thing that can kill Blackerman is...White Blacktonite, of course. There will be no more "Batman." Notice that the white racist Bruce Wayne could not find a brotha to help him fight crime. (I understand that as CEO of Wayne Industries (WI), he has a horrible record in hiring Blacks, especially for management and executive positions.) He had to pick a White boy. The Joker, who was even whiter than white, should have done us a favor and killed Bruce Wayne along with his parents. We would have given him a medal. Instead of "Batman," we have...Blackman, of course! He drives the magnificent Blackmobile and works in the secret Blackcave. His partner is a brotha named Blackbird, no more Robins. Blackman and Blackbird are always alert to fight crime in Blackham City. His trusted Black butler is named Blackfred. Blackman's archenemy is "The Whiter." Same Black time, same Black channel.

And let us not forget the porn industry. Since Whites have always had control there will be more changes. Penthouse Magazine will be Blackhouse Magazine with 100% Black women. (I hope that won't be confused with where Brother President lives.) Playboy Magazine will be Blackboy...oops, we gotta get another name. But those white bunnies are going to be all black from now on.

It will be illegal to sell white milk. It will be legally mandated that dairy farmers can only use cows that can produce chocolate milk. White chocolate will be forever banned too. Banning coconut is also being considered. It is just too white for some people. And ONLY black coffee will be legal.

Toothpaste that has "special whiteners" will also be illegal. From now on, henceforth, and what not, it will be called "Uncle Tom" toothpaste. We don't want to make anything white, including teeth. Dentists better watch it or we will put them in jail.

White paint? Forget it!

Also too there will be the classic movies in theaters again from the 70's like Blacula and Blackenstein. (It is an historical fact that Black vampires have always hated white blood, by the way. For them it was like lactose intolerance for many "mortal" Blacks.)

I almost forgot. Ain't gonna be no more "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas." We don't leave any stone unturned. We will have also gone to the North Pole to genocide that fat, bearded White man in that ridiculous red suit. We will have replaced him with Blackta Claus. Those White elves all got to go too. Our Black elf brothers will take over the operation. Anyone who says or sings "and may all your Christmases be white" will be immediately imprisoned for life.

Unfortunately there are still White people in the world. Maybe we should do a mass fundraiser for an all-out marketing campaign to encourage White birth control and abortion. Get the White churches involved so they won't know that it is really us who want to kill them off. Tell these White women they don't need children. The more White babies killed off the better. We need to encourage more abortion clinics in White communities. Now that is a cool way to commit genocide.

Another thing. Once we killed off all the White folks, we have to talk about planning a conference to talk about a scientific way to make snow permanently black. White snow gives Blackta Claus clinical depression. He may move to Blaxas, Blackifornia, or Blackida.

And we will go overseas to build the world's largest resort for on the Black Sea.

Re: exterminate white people -- VIDEO

To the Wisdom of Kamau Kambon pt1 -- VIDEO

To the Wisdom of Kamau Kambon pt2 -- VIDEO

To the Wisdom of Kamau Kambon pt3 -- VIDEO

Re: crazy black professor wants white people exterminated -- VIDEO

Warning: Language

Response to black professor's genocide comment -- VIDEO

Re: exterminate white people -- VIDEO

Re: crazy black professor wants white people exterminated -- VIDEO

Re: exterminate white people -- VIDEO

Warning: Language

Stop the Genocide in Darfur -- VIDEO

Darfur Genocide Documentary -- VIDEO


"...I am surprised by something else. I am surprised by the silence of American blacks. Where is the outcry and the demonstrations? Where are the demands for sanctions, intervention, an end to slavery and genocide? Where are Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, the Congressional Black Caucus and all those others who are so upset by so much that is so insignificant? Just in the last decade African genocide has taken millions of black lives but the so-called black 'leaders' do not seem to have noticed?

Go to

Beyond the Civil Rights Industry

Why black America needs a new politics—and how the black church might deliver one.

Go to

See No Evil in Sudan--Look who's ignoring another African genocide.

" I'm incensed that liberal black leaders and black folks generally have been missing in action on this issue. If ANYONE in America should be howling about slavery still going down, it should be us. Min. Louis Farrakhan's silence is telling. He preaches pro-blackness, but ain't got squat to say when black folks are being slaughtered in Sudan? Instead, he backs the Sudanese government. Shameful. However, some of us are raising the issue but folks care more about Iraq and Haiti."

The People Who Cover Up Genocide

"What lessons can be drawn from the successive genocides of the last hundred years? Four panelists examined the failures to act and the outright denial that anything happened in some of the most famous cases of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: the massacre of the Armenians in Turkey in 1915-23, the Holocaust of the Jews in Hitler's Germany, the mass killing of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994, and the ongoing slaughter in the Darfur provinces of western Sudan today. Their conclusion: it happens again because no one was punished the last time. And the professional deniers, whatever their motive, encourage the next genocide....

"As an example of joint actions with the Janjaweed, Keller said, 'the Sudan air force has been known to engage in targeting areas with SLF and JEM supporters and to bomb these locations in advance of the Janjaweed. And if you follow the newspapers, they have been doing this with impunity in recent dates. Now you tell me if it doesn't sound like genocide or ethnic cleansing is going on in that part of the world?'"

Go to

The Silence on Darfur and the Limits of American Power

"Robert Lane Green laments in The New Republic that apparent genocide in the Sudan raises scarcely a ripple in international politics. He notes with interest that it seems not to be so much because the victims are non-whites, but rather that it's because the perpetrators are."

Go to

Rwanda and Genocide in the Twentieth Century.

"Unless a conflict pits 'white' against 'black,' as in South Africa or Zimbabwe, it does not hold our attention for long. Is it possible that we find it difficult to forge a connection with victims of genocide unless we can identify with them on the level of ethnicity, religious affiliation or color? If so, herein lies another grim lesson regarding human nature."

Go to

Stories from Rwanda

"Excerpted from his book: We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families: Stories from Rwanda"

Go to

Two Bloody Situations

Let's say that in a war in Africa, there are armed soldiers like in Rwanda. A Black soldier armed with a machete finds a Black man and hacks his head clean off with a machete. He's dead.

Now lets say it is a White armed soldier armed with a machete and he finds a Black man and hacks his head clean off with a machete. He's dead.

Why was it worse for the White soldier to hack the Black man's head off than for the Black soldier to hack the Black man's head off. He's dead.

A friend said, "Because the White soldier was prejudiced."

Friday, March 30, 2007


CLARENCE PAGE: Yes, today's hip- hop generation has basket crabs of its own, eager to put you down for somehow acting white when you try to get ahead, as if blackness means you have to fail. Obama, the son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, has a more positive view of blackness. He wants the rest of us to pass that message on to our kids.

BILL COSBY: There is a time, ladies and gentlemen, when we have to turn the mirror around.

CLARENCE PAGE: So does Bill Cosby. Now 67 and deep in his anecdotage, Dr. Cosby has made a new name for himself as a sometimes politically incorrect prophet of black self-improvement.

BILL COSBY: It is almost analgesic to talk about what the white man is doing against us (Applause) and it keeps... it keeps a person frozen in their seat.

(I have always said that there are Blacks who get up in the morning and say, "Boy, I wonder how the White man's gonna oppress me today!" -- Ed.)

CLARENCE PAGE: Cosby and wife Camille have contributed millions of their dollars to educational causes. Yet some people were offended when Cosby said some of the lower economic classes are not holding up their end of this deal. Some people thought he was blaming the victim and washing dirty black community laundry in public, as if our enemies did not already know what was going on.

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Welcome to my laundromat....

The Temptations Vs The Four Tops -- VIDEO


Dr. Dyson Interview about Bill Cosby -- VIDEO

Bill Cosby was right.

CHCHA Loop bill cosby -- VIDEO

AIDS in Black America -- VIDEO

MADtv - The Jeffersons 2006 -- VIDEO

Madtv Thats My White Mama -- VIDEO

She gets Black on you....

Student filmmaker Jigar Mehta documents slavery's persistence in West Africa

"Slavery — in the form of manual labor, sheep herding, cattle herding, construction, and domestic work — has been going on for over 800 years since the Arabs came down," said Mehta. Mauritania’s population is a mixture of indigenous West Africans (also called "Black Moors" and "Afro-Mauritanians") and Arabs from North Africa, or "White Moors." Everyone is Muslim but slavery persists despite the Mauritanian government’s legal ban on slavery.

Blacks, Islam and slavery in Africa

The weak and most vulnerable have always been preyed on. The so called slavery in the Sudan and Mauritania is perpetrated by Africans. Some Africans do speak Arabic. There is slavery and oppression in the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya or Namibia where there is no Islam, how can Mr Barnet refute this phenomenon? These are not Arabs in the Sudan. In my opinion they are all Blacks, except that some speak Arabic. Calling the Sudanese Arab is like calling the Dominicanos Spanish. They are called Arabs only because they identify with similar language. It's Black vs Black or let's say African vs African. The history of slavery practiced by Africans is well documented. "The Asanti (the capital, Kumasi, in modern Ghana) had a long tradition of domestic slavery." Commenting on Songhay, the young Moroccan traveller and commentator, Leo Africanus, wrote, " there is a certain place where slaves are sold, especially on those days when the merchants are assembled. And a young slave of fifteen years of age is sold for six ducats, and children are also sold. The king of this region has a certain private palace where he maintains a great number of concubines and slaves."

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Smithsonian Denies Slavery in Africa Was "Dehumanizing"

"When pressed again on the issue of slavery in Africa, Hotton backpedaled. 'I am sure it was... I am sure it was dehumanizing. We are now talking about a matter of degree. That is very difficult,' Hotton said. 'I don't know how absolute that is because I can't guarantee that somewhere along the way a slave somewhere did not die because of mistreatment,' Hotton added."

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Slavery in the Arab World

"While Gordon acknowledges that at times the Islamic version of slavery could be more 'humane' than the European colonial version, he provides many facts which point out that the Muslim variety of slavery could be extremely cruel as well.

"One particularly brutal practice was the mutilation of young African boys, sometimes no more than 9 or ten years old, to create eunuchs, who brought a higher price in the slave markets of the Middle East. Slave traders often created 'eunuch stations' along the major African slave routes where the necessary surgery was performed in unsanitary conditions. Gordon estimates that only one out of every 10 boys subjected to the mutilation actually survived the surgery.

"The taking of slaves – in razzias, or raids, on peaceful African villages – also had a high casualty rate. Gordon notes that the typical practice was to conduct a pre-dawn raid on an unsuspecting village and kill off as many of the men and older women as possible. Young women and children were then abducted as the preferred 'booty' for the raiders."

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The Commission to Study Reparations Proposals for African American Act

Congressman John Conyers of Michigan

"In January of 1989, I first introduced the bill H.R. 40, Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African Americans Act. I have re-introduced HR 40 every Congress since 1989, and will continue to do so until it's passed into law."

Silent Terror: A Journey into Contemporary African Slavery (Paperback)

"His short but intense trip to Mauritania in early 1996 showed him first-hand of the existence of this foul institution; and as a black American, he felt the servitude of the black Mauritanians with special poignancy. Cotton began his researches as a reporter, thinking that the mere exposure of facts would affect other African-Americans much as they did himself, as they startled at the racism and servitude in Mauritania, somewhat akin to the experience of their own ancestors. But they did not. He found that black leaders (Louis Farrakhan, mainstream black American Muslims, former congressman Mervyn Dymally, and academics at Howard University) not only pooh-pooh the issue but in many cases actively apologize for the slave system. So he became an activist. Thus far, he has found, even his seeming successes, such as passing a NAACP resolution condemning slavery, turned out to have no operational significance."

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Blacks from Africa as America's true model minority?

"In a side-by-side comparison of 2000 census data by sociologist John R. Logan at the Mumford Center, State University of New York at Albany, black immigrants from Africa average the highest educational attainment of any population group in the country, including whites and Asians.

"For example, 43.8 percent of African immigrants had achieved a college degree, compared to 42.5 of Asian-Americans, 28.9 percent for immigrants from Europe, Russia and Canada, and 23.1 percent of the U.S. population as a whole....

"As one immigrant Jamaican friend once told me, "'I'm too busy working two jobs to worry about the white man's racism.'"

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Modern day slavery being practised in Africa

"Despite the abolition of slave trade, the practice is still on in many African countries where some people use the guise of boosting family’s economic power to traffic humans who are forcefully engaged in demeaning labour."

FACTBOX-Slavery - some facts

Here are some key facts about the slave trade:

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Last black king of Britain

IT WAS POWER, not slavery, which brought some of the first black settlers to Britain. Twelve centuries before the transatlantic trade in humans even began Britain known for its’ black rulers, not servants.

Is the Slave Trade Truly Over? As Sierra Leone commemorates 200 years of the abolition of the slave trade

"Globally, an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year for the purpose of exploitation, including for prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. Trafficking in humans is more lucrative than drug trafficking; an estimated $9.5 billion USD are generated per year from trafficking in humans, attracting organized criminal gangs and leading to corruption on a global scale."

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Slavery exists for 12 million, 200 years after its abolition: UN

"'Yet around the world, millions of people are still deprived of their most fundamental human rights and freedoms....'"

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Child Slavery with Rageh Omaar

Around 8.4 million children around the world are enslaved today. Now, in a remarkable journey across three continents, five of them tell their stories. This documentary is presented by reporter Rageh Omaar.

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Initiative To End `Modern Slavery` Of Human Trafficking Launched

”'Slavery is a booming international trade, less obvious than 200 years ago for sure, but all around us,' UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Executive Director Antonio Maria Costa told a ceremony in London today, which is also the bicentennial of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire."

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Man Demands Apology for Slavery

"Georgia lawmakers are working quietly behind the scenes to try and draft a state apology for slavery.

"'Trying to put that behind us and say okay let's shake hands; let's admit there was wrongs done; let's express forgiveness and let's move this state forward together,' said state Senate president pro tem Eric Johnson....

"'Well, I think it's necessary for the state to apologize for slavery,' Molette said. 'An apology is to admit with regret you've been discourteous. I think any reasonable person would say that slavery is discourteous to say the very least.'"

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THE SAGA CONTINUES: Some Blacks Joining the Darkside on Apology for Slavery?

"One commonality between the two interview sessions was the view some of the African-American listeners of the show had toward the idea of apologizing for slavery. Several callers, one especially so, were upset over the idea of apologizing for slavery and not for the Jim Crow Laws and the pain and humiliation caused by them. The callers, as if speaking in a single voice, stated that slavery was not the issue for them. Jim Crow is! They stated that they and many of their loved ones had lived and suffered through it, and not slavery. They could remember Jim Crow, but could not remember slavery because they were not alive."

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Living With A Hernia -- VIDEO

Takeoff on James Brown

Neo-Con: 'Execute Rosie For Questioning the Government'

Feverish MSNBC guest calls for death penalty to stop free speech

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America Has Lost a Generation of Black Boys

By: Phillip Jackson
posted March 21, 2007

There is no longer a need for dire predictions, hand-wringing, or apprehension about losing a generation of Black boys. It is too late. In education, employment, economics, incarceration, health, housing, and parenting, we have lost a generation of young Black men. The question that remains is will we lose the next two or three generations, or possibly every generation of Black boys hereafter to the streets, negative media, gangs, drugs, poor education, unemployment, father absence, crime, violence and death.

Most young Black men in the United States don’t graduate from high school. Only 35% of Black male students graduated from high school in Chicago and only 26% in New York City, according to a 2006 report by The Schott Foundation for Public Education. Only a few Black boys who finish high school actually attend college, and of those few Black boys who enter college, nationally, only 22% of them finish college.

Young Black male students have the worst grades, the lowest test scores, and the highest dropout rates of all students in the country. When these young Black men don’t succeed in school, they are much more likely to succeed in the nation’s criminal justice and penitentiary system. And it was discovered recently that even when a young Black man graduates from a U.S. college, there is a good chance that he is from Africa, the Caribbean or Europe, and not the United States.

Black men in prison in America have become as American as apple pie. There are more Black men in prisons and jails in the United States (about 1.1 million) than there are Black men incarcerated in the rest of the world combined. This criminalization process now starts in elementary schools with Black male children as young as six and seven years old being arrested in staggering numbers according to a 2005 report, Education on Lockdown by the Advancement Project.

The rest of the world is watching and following the lead of America. Other countries including England, Canada, Jamaica, Brazil and South Africa are adopting American social policies that encourage the incarceration and destruction of young Black men. This is leading to a world-wide catastrophe. But still, there is no adequate response from the American or global Black community.

Worst of all is the passivity, neglect and disengagement of the Black community concerning the future of our Black boys. We do little while the future lives of Black boys are being destroyed in record numbers. The schools that Black boys attend prepare them with skills that will make them obsolete before, and if, they graduate. In a strange and perverse way, the Black community, itself, has started to wage a kind of war against young Black men and has become part of this destructive process.

Who are young Black women going to marry? Who is going to build and maintain the economies of Black communities? Who is going to anchor strong families in the Black community? Who will young Black boys emulate as they grow into men? Where is the outrage of the Black community at the destruction of its Black boys? Where are the plans and the supportive actions to change this? Is this the beginning of the end of the Black people in America?

The list of those who have failed young Black men includes our government, our foundations, our schools, our media, our Black churches, our Black leaders, and even our parents. Ironically, experts say that the solutions to the problems of young Black men are simple and relatively inexpensive, but they may not be easy, practical or popular. It is not that we lack solutions as much as it is that we lack the will to implement these solutions to save Black boys. It seems that government is willing to pay billions of dollars to lock up young Black men, rather than the millions it would take to prepare them to become viable contributors and valued members of our society.

Please consider these simple goals that can lead to solutions for fixing the problems of young Black men:

Short term
1) Teach all Black boys to read at grade level by the third grade and to embrace education
2) Provide positive role models for Black boys
3) Create a stable home environment for Black boys that includes contact with their fathers
4) Ensure that Black boys have a strong spiritual base
5) Control the negative media influences on Black boys
6) Teach Black boys to respect all girls and women

Long term
1) Invest as much money in educating Black boys as in locking up Black men
2) Help connect Black boys to a positive vision of themselves in the future
3) Create high expectations and help Black boys live into those high expectations
4) Build a positive peer culture for Black boys
5) Teach Black boys self-discipline, culture and history
6) Teach Black boys and the communities in which they live to embrace education and life-long learning

More Facts
37.7% of Black men in the United States are not working (2006 Joint Economic Committee Study chaired by Senator Charles E. Schumer (D-NY))

58% of Black boys in the United States do not graduate from high school (2006 Report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education)

Almost 70% of Black children are born into female, single parent households (2000 Census Report)

About 1 million Black men in the United States are in prison (U.S. Justice Department)

Get Involved and Support The Black Star Project
The Black Star Project Needs Your Help To Fix This Problem
The Black Star Project needs you, your family, your church, your school and your community to become part of the campaign to educate and save Black boys.

Please consider becoming a member of The Black Star Project. We need your support to implement systemic solutions to these problems. Please visit our website or call us today for more information about membership and how you can get involved.You can:
1) Become a financial supporter of The Black Star Project and the campaign to educate and save Black boys
2) Ask your church to become a member, supporter and promoter of our campaign3) Ask your school to become a member, supporter and promoter of our campaign
4) Ask businesses and foundations to contribute to our campaign
5) Help teach Black boys to read above grade level from 1st through 3rd grade
6) Manage a community forum on “Losing a Generation of Black Boys and What it Means for the Future”
7) Organize the Million Father March in your city where men escort children to school on the first day
8) Manage a Men In Schools Volunteer Day in your city where men read to, tutor, mentor and coach students to be successful in schools
9) Create a Fathers Club outing in your city where men nurture and bond with their children
10) Visit these websites for more information on educating and saving Black boys:,, and We need your prayers, your financial support, your work and your will to fix this massive problem.

Contribute Now

Phillip Jackson
Executive Director
The Black Star Project (312)842-3527

Someone You Should Know About

Gayleatha B. Brown
Ambassador, Benin
Term of Appointment: 06/14/2006 to present

Ms. Gayleatha B. Brown is a career Senior Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State. She has served as the U.S. Consul General at the American Consulate General and concurrently as the U.S. Deputy Permanent Observer to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France. She was Chief of the Economic and Commercial Sections at the U.S. Embassies in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Other tours of duty have included Desk Officer for Canada and also Senegal, Guinea and Mauritania, Department of State, Washington, DC. Ms. Brown was an Economic Officer/Regional United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Representative and Finance and Development Officer at the U.S. Embassies in Paris and Abidjan, respectively. She also has represented the Department of State at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Export Credit Arrangement negotiations as Desk Officer for the U.S. Export-Import Bank (EXIM) in the Department's Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs (EB).

Before joining the Department of State, Ms. Brown was a Special Assistant to the USAID Assistant Administrator for Africa and a Legislative Assistant in the United States Congress (House of Representatives). She has BA and MA honor degrees from Howard University and conducted post-graduate work in International Relations at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), both in Washington, DC.

Ms. Brown is the recipient of two Department of State Superior Honor Awards and a Meritorious Honor Award. She is an honorary member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority and Sandown Rotary Club in Johannesburg, South Africa. She speaks French and KiSwahili in addition to English.

Slavery's long effects on Africa

Between the 15th and 19th Centuries, it is estimated that up to 12m Africans were forced onto European slave ships and taken across the Atlantic.

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Remembering East African slave raids

Walter Mbotela recounts with great emotion the tales of how his grandfather was captured by Arab traders from his birthplace in Nyasaland and shipped away into slavery.

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All That Jazz About "Three Fifths of a Human"

A friend of mine and I discussed the urban myth that is repeated by politicians like Jesse Jackson and Al Gore, Jr. that Blacks were considered in the U.S. Constitution "three fifths of a human." Many thousands have believed that falsehood for years.

Here is is the actual truth:

"The three-fifths compromise was a compromise between Southern and Northern states reached during the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention in which only three-fifths of the population of slaves would be counted for enumeration purposes regarding both the distribution of taxes and the apportionment of the members of the United States House of Representatives. It was proposed by delegate James Wilson.

"Northern delegates generally wished to count only the free inhabitants of each state. Southern delegates to the Constitutional Convention, on the other hand, generally wanted to count slaves at their actual numbers. Since slaves could not vote, Southern slaveholders would thus have the benefit of increased representation in the House and Electoral College (taxation was only a secondary issue). The final compromise of counting slaves as only three fifths of their actual numbers reduced the power of the slave states but is still generally credited with giving the pro-slavery forces disproportionate political power in the U.S. government from the establishment of the Constitution until the Civil War.

"The three-fifths compromise is found in Article 1, Section 2, Paragraph 3 of the United States Constitution:
"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons."

That means 3/5ths of a population, not an individual. In other words, lets say that the southern state of Chittlanta had a total population of 15,000. There were 5000 free Whites and 10,000 slaves. The North wanted Chittlanta to have its number of Congressmen based on 5000 persons. The South wanted Chittlanta to have its number of Congressmen based on 15,000 persons (which was immoral because the slaves had no voice in Congress.) The compromise was counting three fifths of the slave population or 60%. Therefore the number of Congressmen is based on 11,000 persons.

Urban myths tend to take on a life of their own when repeated enough times like the other urben myth circulated in Black communities that it was the Republicans that owned slaves and that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat.

Take time to study and find out facts.

Blair threatens force over Darfur

"Tony Blair is pushing the United Nations to declare a no-fly zone over Darfur, enforced if necessary by the bombing of Sudanese military airfields used for raids on the province, the Guardian has learned."

Go to,,329759749-113559,00.html

Will US attack Iran?

"Russia has reported increased US military activity in and around the strategic Gulf for the first time in four years after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has declared that its territories are off limits to anyone for staging military or intelligence operations against Iran."

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I Caught Sammy

Copyright 2007 Robert Oliver, All Rights Reserved

Maryland formally apologizes for slavery

"Maryland lawmakers approved an apology Monday for the state's role in the slave trade, expressing 'profound regret' that it once 'trafficked in human flesh.'"

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Slavery: blanket regret in Georgia

"Rep. Tyrone Brooks, a Democrat, claims 'it is time for Georgia, as one of the major stake-holders in slavery, as one of the major players in lynchings, to say it's sorry.'"

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Al Mirghani Calls Arab Leaders assist in reaching Peaceful Solution to Darfur Problem

"Chairman of Democratic Unionist party DUP Mohammed Osman Al Mirghani called 19th Arab League Summit held currently in Saudi capital Riyadh , to exert efforts for reaching peaceful solution to Darfur dispute, in his message to the summit Al Mirghani called for the heads of Arab state to fulfill the pledges they made in 18th Arab league Summit in Khartoum last year as regards extending financial support to AU forces in Darfur so as to consolidate peace in the region."

Darfur village bears up under Janjaweed yoke

"Since arriving four years ago in a herd of horses and camels and guns, the militiamen known as Janjaweed have killed several of the 500 people who live here, villagers said, beaten others and generally menaced the population into believing that their village could be destroyed at any moment, like hundreds of others across the Darfur region of western Sudan."

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Local woman is trying to save Darfur

"Palm Springs resident Wendie Busig-Kohn is hosting a series of silent auctions and garage sales with high-quality, collectible art and jewelry to raise money and awareness about the genocide occuring in Darfur."

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Enough is enough, says Darfur report

"After years of indiscriminate slaughter, mass displacement and apparently intractable diplomatic standoff, it is an intriguing notion that anyone could have found anything approaching an answer to the catastrophic conflict in western Sudan."

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"'Obama, ni wetu! Obama, ni wetu!' the Kenyan fans at San Diego's Petco Park chanted, stamping their feet, blowing horns, dancing and waving their national flag."

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Black community questions Obama's 'blackness'

"This hasn't stopped speculation, but Obama also has another problem. Members of the black community are questioning the candidate's blackness because his father was born in Africa and his mother is white. Although some are calling this a non-issue, Jolivette Anderson-Douoning, facility and program supervisor for the Black Cultural Center, explained why there is a deeper issue than whether Obama is black enough.

"'His father didn't experience Jim Crow," said Anderson-Douoning. 'He was a black man not defined by Jim Crow America.'

"It's not as if the black community is disowning him, she said, but it is concerned with Obama's family's lack of the 'black experience' and his politics towards blacks.

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You all will define Barack Obama based on how White racist Jim Crow-ers defined him? My father experienced Jim Crow, but I was not there. But I have experienced racism personally. Senator Obama is Black, PERIOD. He and I lived in the most segregated city in the North -- Chicago. I guarantee you he has experienced racism personally.

So it is nonsense to talk what his family experienced. He knows first hand what it means to be Black.

Has Hillary Clinton's family or even her husband's experienced Jim Crow?

Why is it that Blacks want to dissect Obama like a frog in a high school biology class and do not show scalpels to the other candidates?

This is like Black-on-Black crime!

Political Analysis -- Jesse, Al, Barack, and Hillary

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., affectionately called "Rev" in his inner circle, has earlier today has endorsed U.S. Senator Barack Obama in his bid for the presidency of the United States.

Rev. Al Sharpton has not yet made a formal endorsement of any candidate, but stated he will wait until after his National Action Network conference in April if any endorsement is to be made. He also decide to run for the presidency himself.

It is possible that Rev. Sharpton may endorse Senator Clinton's presidential bid. There we have an interesting situation that both may be in a winning position.

As of now, the Democratic nominee in 2008 will be either Obama or Clinton. Just suppose Obama wins the nomination. It is possible that both Jackson and Sharpton would urge Obama to choose Hillary Clinton as his vice-presidential running mate. Just suppose Clinton wins the nomination. Jackson and Sharpton could urge Clinton to choose Obama as her running mate.

Both of them running together would set an historic precedent of a Black man and a woman as running mates for a presidential election. That combination would energize the bases of both candidates.

If the Republican Party does not have a strong candidate, especially since the Republicans lost the House and Senate last November, one way or the other, Jackson and Sharpton would be visiting the White House again more often after 8 years.

Bill Clinton would make himself at home, again.

Not Black Enough -- AGAIN!!!!!!

"I might have missed the debate about Barak Obama's 'racial identity' as well had it not been for his black brethren who say he's not black enough for them.'s Debra J. Dickerson, apparently a black racial theorist of note, "argues that Obama is not black because he is not the descendant of African slaves....

"Dickerson, who makes her living theorizing about 'blackness,' is not having any of it. The 'Homie has some rings to kiss' if he wants 'to assure the black powers that be that he won't dis the politics of blackness,' says she. After all, this 'son of a Kenyan goat herder … steps into the benefits of black progress (like Harvard Law School) without having borne any of the burden.' To say nothing of the fact that he isn't really black—that's her next bombshell.

"For one, Dickerson observes, he doesn't look right—he looks East African, when he ought to look West African. And horrors, 'the handsome Obama' resembles his white mother. But fear not, Dickerson's commentary is never skin deep. This African Aristotle, beloved of the liberal media, goes on to explain that "Black," in our political and social reality means those descended from West African slaves. Voluntary immigrants of African descent' are not to be admitted into the Club. (This, of course, is good news for their Designated Oppressors: the tougher the admission criteria into the Club of the Eternally Oppressed, the better.)

"There's more. Blacks would forgive Obama for not being 'politically and culturally black,' but only if he 'acts black and does us proud.' (In other words "sho 'nuff Black." -- Ed.) And that means not going 'Tiger Woods on us and get[ting] all race transcendent,' dickers Dickerson. In case you're unfamiliar with Tiger Woods' treachery, out of respect and love for to his Thai mother, explains commentator Steve Sailer, 'Woods turned down Nike's suggestion' that he 'identify himself solely as black, refusing to capitalize on the popularity of African-American celebrities."

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Excuse me? Was Bill Clinton, the "first Black president," Blacker than Obama? Has anyone asked the people who say that Obama is not "Black enough" but will support Hillary Clinton if she is Blacker than Obama to vote for her?

BET splits endorsement between Obama and Clinton

"The founders of BET television network are politically at odds with each other. Robert Johnson is backing Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential bid. But Sheila C. Johnson is throwing her support behind Senator Barack Obama. In a statement, Sheila Johnson says Obama's campaign of change brings hope to America. She also praises Obama's opposition to the Iraq war."

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Obama turns to Yahoo! Answers

"In a cyberspace equivalent of the town hall meetings that presidential candidates hold in Iowa and New Hampshire, campaigns are making use of non-political web sites to present their political messages through a virtual dialogue with voters."

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Jesse Jackson gives support to Obama's 2008 run

"Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson said Thursday he's backing Democrat Barack Obama in his presidential bid, giving his support to a new generation of black politicians.

"'He has my vote,' the Rev. Jackson told The Associated Press in a telephone interview."

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Will Rev. Al Sharpton back Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Stay tuned.

Q&A: Zimbabwe meltdown

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has been in hospital since he was beaten up whilst in police custody after trying to address a rally.

After 27 years in power and despite an economic meltdown, President Robert Mugabe say he wants to contest elections due next year.

What is life like in Zimbabwe?

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Mugabe's hold over African leaders

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has gone to meet his fellow heads of state in Tanzania in a defiant mood.

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Zimbabwe party mulls Mugabe role

Leaders of Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF are expected to meet on Friday to decide whether President Robert Mugabe should stand for re-election next year.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Evidence for God from Science

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