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Saturday, March 31, 2007

(Don't take this too seriously.) GENOCIDE ALL DEM WHITE FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They gots to go.

Go to

Brother Kamau Rashidi Kambon (, a brother with an African and an Arab Muslim name together, was right! He said we have to exterminate White people off this planet! First thing we gotta do is learn from the best. If we want to do genocide, we gotta do it right or not do it at all. Let's research what the Nazis did before and during World War II. They knew what they were doing. Shall we use deadly gas like they did? Do we need to build ovens like they did. Let's research the genocide in Sudan that has been going on for decades. Shall we use machine guns and bombs like the Sudanese government used on the Blacks in Southern Sudan years ago and using Jangaweed now?( They have been very successful. Also we have to congratulate the regime of Pol Pot in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge killed 2,000,000 people, Cambodians along with ethnic Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese. Good show. And of course, remember Rwanda. Black Hutus killed over 500,000 Tutsis and Hutu sympathizers:"One such massacre occurred at Nyarubuye. Ordinary citizens were called on by local officials and government-sponsored radio to kill their neighbors and those who refused to kill were often killed themselves. "Either you took part in the massacres or you were massacred yourself," said one Hutu, rationalizing an ambivalent mixture of regret, fear, and shame at being forced to kill Tutsis.[20]"Most of the victims were killed in their villages or in towns, often by their neighbors and fellow villagers. The militia members mostly killed their victims by chopping them up with machetes, although some army units used rifles. The victims were often hiding in churches and school buildings, where Hutu extremist gangs massacred them. On 12 April 1994, more than 1,500 Tutsis sought refuge in a Catholic church in Kivumu. Local Interahamwe then used bulldozers to knock down the church building. People who tried to escape were hacked down with machetes or shot." Go to Rwandan Genocide - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Man! If White folks killed those 500,000 Black folks, it would have been a tragedy. We would have marched and protested. But since Black folks genocided other Black folks, it was not a tragedy at all so there was no need to protest. Only Blacks have the right to slaughter other Blacks. White folks do not have that right. So we need to get all the Black organizations together and do a plebiscite to select the very best way to kill all White people. Let's put it to a vote. Machetes? Bombs? Machine guns? Cyanide gas? Ebola virus? Or is there a better way? Once we all vote and the majority chooses the right method, we will all commit to it and not let it go. But we have to get our reparations first (40 acres and a Black Lexus) before we kill them all off. The time for talk is over!

By the way, we have to genocide all the Uncle Tom's too. However, President Bill Clinton is off limits. He will get special protection. Everyone knows he is really Black. He got soul so he must have Black blood. He just looks White. But that White woman he married? She gots to go too. Sorry. Bill.

Then we have to put ads in the help wanted sections of papers across the country:"WANTED: Capable men and women with creative minds and positive attitudes to commit genocide on an unnamed ethnic group in the world. No experience necessary, but would be helpful. Must be willing to be trained in deadly weapons to be decided by plebiscite. Good pay, travel the world, get lots of respect, get a lot of people scared of you, great benefits such as taking over previously-owned homes, cars, etc. in great neighborhoods after the job is done. Blacks need only apply. This job may require exposure to lots of blood on a continual basis. (And when I say lots, I mean LOTS!) Disposal of massive amounts of corpses of same unnamed ethnic group (and Uncle Tom's and Aunt Tomasina's) is also required in the position. Apply in confidence. Be prepared to dress in revolutionary attire for interviews. This job is not permanent, only temporary."

Once we buried the very last White person in the world, we need to make some changes. Since we have the means to commit genocide on anyone now, we are the ones in power. The so-called United States from now on, henceforth, and what not, will be Black and from now on, henceforth, and what not, it will be the United Black States of America (UBSA). We have to rename the former White cities to reflect our culture. Like Washington, DC, from now on, henceforth, and what not, will be renamed to Blackington, DB, 100% Black majority. Of course no more "White House." It's gonna be Black from now on. No more "Mr. President" but Brother President. I nominate Snoop Doggy Dogg to be Secretary of Education and Rev. Ike to be Secretary of the Treasury. There will also be a new executive department called the Department of Blackness with the Secretary of Blackness as a cabinet member. This department will be responsible for determining who and what is "authentically Black." (Senator Barack Obama would not pass their standards, unfortunately.) It will be the Keeper of the Blackness. Since we genocided Condoleezza Rice along with all the rest of the honkies, we will make Lil' Kim the Secretary of State. Since we will have NASA, renamed BASA (rhymes with "massa"), we have to get the best scientific Black minds to figure out a way to make the man on the moon Black. He has been White for way too long. And brothers be running the Blacktagon from now on, henceforth, and what not.

The official language of our country will be Blacklish or Blinglish. That has to be put to a vote.

From now on, henceforth, and what not, we will have Black York with its 5 bouroughs: Blackhattan, Blacklynn, Blacken Island, The Black Queens, and The Blax. Since Harlem was originally a White name, that got to go too. It will be Blacklem, the way it should have been all along.Also we will have Blackadelphia, Blackimore, Blackancisco in Blackifornia with the Black Gate Bridge, Black Angeles with Blackwood as the center of Black entertainment worldwide, Beverly Blacks, Blacktroit in Blackchigan, Black Diego, Blackas in Blaxas, Blackago on beautiful Lake Blackchigan in Blackinois, Blackami in Blackida, Blackingham in Blackabama, Black Louis, Blackphis in Blackensee, Black Vegas, Blackston in Blackachusetts, Blackerquerque in New Blaxico, Blacknix in Blackizona (the state with Black Canyon), and Blackeattle in the state of Blackington. The Black Hills of Dakota had the right name from the start.

Since we will have control of the media there will be new changes. CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS will be BNN, BBC (not to be confused with our funny talking brothers over at the Blackish Broadcasting Company in Blackdon, Blackland. They don't talk like real Black folks at all. (Y'all know what I'm talkin' bout. They don't talk sho nuff, get-down-and-dirty, straight-from-da-hood Black. That's, you know, BLACK.) They talk just like the White folks there we genocided. We gotta watch them brothers over there carefully.), BNBC, and BBS respectively. In comics there will be no more "Superman." It will be Blackerman with a black costume with a big yellow "B" on his chest. He comes from the planet Blackton, he lives and works in Blacktropolis, and the only thing that can kill Blackerman is...White Blacktonite, of course. There will be no more "Batman." Notice that the white racist Bruce Wayne could not find a brotha to help him fight crime. (I understand that as CEO of Wayne Industries (WI), he has a horrible record in hiring Blacks, especially for management and executive positions.) He had to pick a White boy. The Joker, who was even whiter than white, should have done us a favor and killed Bruce Wayne along with his parents. We would have given him a medal. Instead of "Batman," we have...Blackman, of course! He drives the magnificent Blackmobile and works in the secret Blackcave. His partner is a brotha named Blackbird, no more Robins. Blackman and Blackbird are always alert to fight crime in Blackham City. His trusted Black butler is named Blackfred. Blackman's archenemy is "The Whiter." Same Black time, same Black channel.

And let us not forget the porn industry. Since Whites have always had control there will be more changes. Penthouse Magazine will be Blackhouse Magazine with 100% Black women. (I hope that won't be confused with where Brother President lives.) Playboy Magazine will be Blackboy...oops, we gotta get another name. But those white bunnies are going to be all black from now on.

It will be illegal to sell white milk. It will be legally mandated that dairy farmers can only use cows that can produce chocolate milk. White chocolate will be forever banned too. Banning coconut is also being considered. It is just too white for some people. And ONLY black coffee will be legal.

Toothpaste that has "special whiteners" will also be illegal. From now on, henceforth, and what not, it will be called "Uncle Tom" toothpaste. We don't want to make anything white, including teeth. Dentists better watch it or we will put them in jail.

White paint? Forget it!

Also too there will be the classic movies in theaters again from the 70's like Blacula and Blackenstein. (It is an historical fact that Black vampires have always hated white blood, by the way. For them it was like lactose intolerance for many "mortal" Blacks.)

I almost forgot. Ain't gonna be no more "I'm dreaming of a White Christmas." We don't leave any stone unturned. We will have also gone to the North Pole to genocide that fat, bearded White man in that ridiculous red suit. We will have replaced him with Blackta Claus. Those White elves all got to go too. Our Black elf brothers will take over the operation. Anyone who says or sings "and may all your Christmases be white" will be immediately imprisoned for life.

Unfortunately there are still White people in the world. Maybe we should do a mass fundraiser for an all-out marketing campaign to encourage White birth control and abortion. Get the White churches involved so they won't know that it is really us who want to kill them off. Tell these White women they don't need children. The more White babies killed off the better. We need to encourage more abortion clinics in White communities. Now that is a cool way to commit genocide.

Another thing. Once we killed off all the White folks, we have to talk about planning a conference to talk about a scientific way to make snow permanently black. White snow gives Blackta Claus clinical depression. He may move to Blaxas, Blackifornia, or Blackida.

And we will go overseas to build the world's largest resort for on the Black Sea.

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