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Friday, March 30, 2007

Not Black Enough -- AGAIN!!!!!!

"I might have missed the debate about Barak Obama's 'racial identity' as well had it not been for his black brethren who say he's not black enough for them.'s Debra J. Dickerson, apparently a black racial theorist of note, "argues that Obama is not black because he is not the descendant of African slaves....

"Dickerson, who makes her living theorizing about 'blackness,' is not having any of it. The 'Homie has some rings to kiss' if he wants 'to assure the black powers that be that he won't dis the politics of blackness,' says she. After all, this 'son of a Kenyan goat herder … steps into the benefits of black progress (like Harvard Law School) without having borne any of the burden.' To say nothing of the fact that he isn't really black—that's her next bombshell.

"For one, Dickerson observes, he doesn't look right—he looks East African, when he ought to look West African. And horrors, 'the handsome Obama' resembles his white mother. But fear not, Dickerson's commentary is never skin deep. This African Aristotle, beloved of the liberal media, goes on to explain that "Black," in our political and social reality means those descended from West African slaves. Voluntary immigrants of African descent' are not to be admitted into the Club. (This, of course, is good news for their Designated Oppressors: the tougher the admission criteria into the Club of the Eternally Oppressed, the better.)

"There's more. Blacks would forgive Obama for not being 'politically and culturally black,' but only if he 'acts black and does us proud.' (In other words "sho 'nuff Black." -- Ed.) And that means not going 'Tiger Woods on us and get[ting] all race transcendent,' dickers Dickerson. In case you're unfamiliar with Tiger Woods' treachery, out of respect and love for to his Thai mother, explains commentator Steve Sailer, 'Woods turned down Nike's suggestion' that he 'identify himself solely as black, refusing to capitalize on the popularity of African-American celebrities."

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Excuse me? Was Bill Clinton, the "first Black president," Blacker than Obama? Has anyone asked the people who say that Obama is not "Black enough" but will support Hillary Clinton if she is Blacker than Obama to vote for her?

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