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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Black Liberals Need To Stop The Double Standard by Akindele Akinyemi

"I feel it's a damn shame that Black liberals are always protesting and demanding White people be fired for saying something stupid yet we give Blacks who consistently call or sisters bitches and hoes on a regular basis a free pass. We degrade our race by trying to live like Good Times or live out our lives in poverty. We enjoy sagging our pants in public, even in church where it is supposed to be a House of God....

"We call Black women freaks, hizzoes, hoes (yes even nappy head hoes), tramps, pigeons, dykes, jiggas and skanks. We call each other niggers (oh I forgot we graduated, now we call each other niggas), fags, and other dreadful names. We never demand Wendy Williams from being fired or other Black personalities who call other races disrespectful names. I have heard Black personalities and Black liberal leadership call Whites 'crackers' and 'redneck hillbillies' but if a White person call us "hoes" we demand the removal of that person from the station.

"What about Black radio promoting sex, soft porn and violence on the air? I did not see anyone protesting Black radio but you are protesting someone who gave a stupid comment. The images that are shown on Black TV can be compared to a minstrel show. We show brothers and sisters straight screwing on TV (not making love), calling each other bitches on popular Black situation comedies, and showing the most un-Christian images on TV. Will you ever see Al Sharpton demanding positive images on TV? Hell no unless it has a liberal twist."

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