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Monday, May 7, 2007

R-Rated Movies Dominate Production but Continue Losing Market Share

Since 1988, R-rated movies have lost more market share than the Ford motor company, a decrease in market share of 60%. While Ford is closing plants and laying off workers, the movie industry is still keeping the number of R-rated movies the same, despite this loss in market share. Motion picture companies do not work on the same principles as automobile companies. If sales of light trucks slow down, production of light trucks slows down as well. If production didn’t slow down, there would be massive unsold inventory. The movie business does not have inventory in the same sense as the auto industry. In the movie business, you compare the cost of production to the box office returns.

"Highly offensive R-rated films like BORAT and JACKASS: NUMBER 2 had low budgets and large returns this year, but they are exceptions. The big story on R-rated movies is that while production remains nearly the same, market share continues to drop. The more good quality G, PG and PG-13 product being offered, the more the R-rated market suffers. Foreign car makers gained American market share because their cars were seen as better quality. The key to achieving high market share in the motion picture industry is to make quality entertainment that appeals to a broad audience. The real magic happens when people are entertained enough to pay more than once to see the same movie.

"R ratings cut the broadness of the audience even if the quality of the movie is excellent. Many appeal only to small audience segments. This is particularly true of independent art house movies aimed at homosexuals, extreme liberals and other small groups. Many of these movies are made by activists for activists with little regard for profit."

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NeedABrain said...

Judging from your links and posts, I imagine you are a conservative black man. If I am right, I'm very proud of your linking to my article. It's the proof that I've reached my public and found people to understand the exact satirical value and deeper meaning of this modest piece of humor. Thank you very much.

Robert said...

NeedaBrain's posting was in reference to "The Black/White Man."

NeedABrain said...

Exactly, sorry.

NeedABrain said...

I'm moving the comment to the right place and you can delete this. Again, sorry for the mess.

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