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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Am I Homo-Phobic?

By Rev. Wayne Perryman
March 28, 2007

The dictionary defines homosexuality as: “Having a desire for someone of the same sex [gender] or the act of having sex with someone of the same sex [gender]. In other words, it is a sexual behavior carried out with someone of the same gender. It did not define it as two people of the same gender who happens to love one another. Having said that, "Am I Homo-Phobic," if I do not like, accept or feel comfortable that type of behavior? Homo-Phobic meaning: fearing or hating the gay person or the homosexual individual who engage in such behavior? Before answering this question, please let me share with you other behaviors that I do not like.

I do not like heterosexuals who affectionately make out in public when they can do it in the privacy of their homes – Am I Hetero-Phobic and hate heterosexuals?

I do not like individuals who cheat on their spouse - Am I Spousal-Phobic and hate or fear spouses?

I do not like it when my sons sag their pants like gang members – Am I Sons-Phobic and hate or fear my sons?

I do not like it when drivers cut other drivers off on the freeway – Am I Driver-Phobic and hate or fear drivers?

I do not like it when my African American brothers and sisters use the “N” word – Am I Afro-Phobic and fear and hate my African American brothers and sisters?

I do not like a lot of my own bad habits – Am I Self –Phobic and hate and fear myself?

I guess you get my point. Just because I do not like certain behaviors or that I am uncomfortable with certain behaviors does not mean that I fear or hate the person who engage in such behavior.

We must not allow others to label us or put a guilt trip on those of us who do not like, accept or feel comfortable with the gay lifestyle. I’m sure that even within the gay community there are certain behaviors that they do not like among their own group, but does that mean they fear or hate the person demonstrating such behavior? Do I hate or fear gays? Absolutely not! If I ever saw anyone attempting to physically harm a gay person, as a Christian, like the “Good Samaritan in the Bible, I would be one of the first to come to their rescue, not because they are gay, but because they, like myself are loved by God (St John 3:16).

Final thoughts: Gays often compare their experience with the African American experience, but African Americans have never had the option of putting their black skin in the closet to escape or avoid persecution and we were never hated because of our behavior, we were hated simply because we were black.

These are my thoughts – what are yours.

Rev. Wayne Perryman
P.O. Box
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Let me put my two cents in now.

I ageee with Rev. Perryman 100%, especially in the last paragraph.

When has a multitude of gays been kidnapped and made to be slaves on plantations for 200 years?

When was it illegal to teach gays to read and write?

When were gays required to say "sah" and "ma'am" to straight people?

When were gays required to step off the sidewalk when a straight person approached them?

When were gays required not to look at a straight person directly in their eyes?

When were there ever any gay Jim Crow laws?

When were there separated gay and straight water fountains?

In public buildings, when were there separate entrances for gays and straights, the gays going in and out in the back?

In theaters, have gays been forced to sit in the balcony while the straights sit on the main floor?

When were gay railroad porters all called "George"?

When were there segregated lunch counters based on sexual orientation?

When was a gay person required to give up their seat on a bus to a straight person?

Were gays at the bottom of the economic social structure for decades?

Where were the poor gay ghettos?

When have gays gotten worse jobs or lower pay than straight people?

When where there separate-but-equal schools for gays and straights?

At anytime, were gays denied the right to vote?

Was there a poll tax for gays?

Was there a time when gays born on U.S. soil were not U.S. citizens?

Even at the Oscars years ago, the Black actors were not allowed to sit with the White actors. Was there ever a time when gay actors were not allowed to sit with straight actors?

I'm not a racist, but I am a realist. When I lived in Arlington, Texas, I heard when on the street, "Hey! You're a nigger!" and "Hooray for niggers! Hooray for niggers!" If a White gay man was on the same sidewalk, do you think those same morons would say "Hey! You're gay!" or "Hooray for gays! Hooray for gays!"? And that is just one of my many moments in encountering racism.

Therefore, don't talk to me about the gay civil rights struggle as being the same as the African American civil rights struggle because there is no comparison at all. Had I lived in another time and in the South, just by looking at me from a distance, I would have been a prime candidate for a bodily mutilation and a lynching. This may be harsh, but a White gay man could blend in the crowd of lynchers. I would be the main event. Between 1882 and 1968 alone there were 3446 lynchings. I know there were hate crime murders against gays and that was very immoral. But can their numbers compare to that number of lynchings? I'm just being real about it.

While we are on this subject, there is something that has been in my craw for years:

This is part of the platform of the The 1972 Gay Rights Platform, created at the National Coalition of Gay Organizations Convention held in Chicago :

"On the State Level:
7. Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.
8. Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers."

Repeal all laws governing the age of sexual consent?
Lowering the age from 18 to 0?

Take my son, please? Take my daughter, please? I don't think so.

Repeal of all laws that restrict the sex or number of persons in a marriage unit?

Will you John, Mary, Joe, Lucy, Fred, Ricky, Ethel, Laverne, and Shirley take Frank, Julie, Amos, Andy, Gomer, Vince, Herman, Lily, Eddie, Marilyn, Eddie, Wally, and the Beaver to be your lawfully wedded crowd?"

Would they have to rent a ballroom for a honeymoon suite?

Someone explain all this to me.

If you think I'm making all this up, go to this gay website and see for yourself:

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