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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Preparations versus Reparations

From a personal email message:


I would like to summarize a series a comments/questions for those black people who claim that we need some sort of monetary compensation for pain and suffering of our ancestors who have endured the torturous treatment during slavery. First, I would like to say reparations means diddly squat without preparations. We as black people seem to think that reparations is only owed to certain group of black people. Well the fact of the matter our mentality of slavery is still very much with us. Not only were we slaves in the physical sense but mental slavery played even a bigger part. While we may no longer have to deal with physical slavery here in the United States, there are other black people across the globe who suffer with total slavery by our own people. Africa has become a killing ground for those black people who are native to their land. We black African Americans are still mentally slaves because we will not dispose of the conditioning left by previous slave owners and white supremacy. My question(s) are....and I will list them...see below:

1. If reparations is given to black people, are the white people who stood behind the abolishment for slavery going to get compensation too, especially those whites and blacks who are mixed (what they called mulattos) and suffered at the hands of the torturous racists?

2. If reparations is due to black people whose lineage suffered from the torturous slavery, how are black people going to be relieved of the miseducation of the negro? Since a lot of our story was not told through normal school will we remedy this missing information? In order that one becomes educated one must learn of the past in order not to repeat the same mistakes.

3. What about black people who want their own individual monies? Are they not entitled to their own claim on how they want to received any monies due to them?

4. Why do we not prepare to teach our people how to buy land NOW? In order to prepare for reparations we must establish economics. Land is economics. Land is power. Land provides the tools to build businesses, to educate and circulate our dollars within our communities. The Jews do it....the chinese do it....the italians do it....the mexicans do it, ....what is wrong with us that we dont do it?

5. What is the plan for continuing to circulate monies for (p)reparations so that our future generations do not have have to suffer from anymore economic downfalls?

6. Is there any action being taken against black slave owners who profited off black slavery?

7. How is reparations going to help black men and women caught up in the penal system?....or are they just sh*t out of luck?

8. Where is the agenda or written reports for reparations and are all advocates for black change working in unison? We have alot of black scam artists who profress to be scholars, lawyers, black (mis)leaders who claim they are for us but don't stand by us. What are we doing to warn our black people of the scams and what kind of information is being provided as a safeguard to help prevent the trickery of our own people?

9. We are sick people. Our minds have been white washed over and over and over for at least two generations. This is how long we have been in post slavery and yet we are killing one another by the thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands. Do you agree that reparation should be used to help us to know SELF? Do we want to give black people reparations if they cannot respect SELF?

10. Lastly, how do we know that you are working on the behalf of the people?.....What gives you the authority to represent a population of black people without a census taken? Where is the evidence of the research that should be accessible by our people?

1 comment:

blair said...

Free blacks as well as whites owned slaves in the United States. About 6 percent of whites owned slaves while about 1.6 pecent of freed blacks owned slaves. (Some of the South's largest landowners and slave owners were free blacks.)

African Americans enjoy a much higher standard of living than Africans whose ancestors were not transported to Americas. They are beneficiaries rather than victims of the slave trade.

Whites participated along with all othe races in the slave trade when it was still a global institution, but whites were the first to abolish slavery. Having abolished both slavery at home, European nations used their military power to virtually abolish slavery in the rest of the world. However, slavery has made a strong comeback in Africa and Asian now that Europeans have withdrawn from their colonies. About 200,000 and 800,000 people, many of them children, are trafficked in central African nations each year. This easly exceeds the annual number of Africans who were transported to the Americas during the height of the Atlantic slave trade.

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