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Monday, March 26, 2007

These Bedfellows Are Just TOO Strange....

From a bottom-of-the-barrel White racialist website (not pleasant to research):

Akkeballa Says He Is God At Carto's DC Fund-Raiser

Self-styled African is annoyed by tactics aimed at mixing with Americans; event is boycotted

WASHINGTON - A financier, recently found guilty of bilking the estate of a wealthy rightist, is spending some of his bucks to bring rightists and minorities together. But the project flopped as badly as his unsuccessful defense to a seven million dollar lawsuit. Willis Carto, who avoids appearing at his lavish home in California due to the outstanding judgment, called a meeting of black-power activists to a Washington hotel to encourage "discussions" with rightists. According to Dan Parker, who attended, Osiris Akkeballa, a self-styled African living in Miami, immediately denounced the United States and said that "America will no longer be allowed to remain on top."

No Purpose in the Dialogue

Akkeballa attacked what he termed "racism." "I am not a racist," he repeated. "We cannot exist without each other." He was applauded by Carto who, according to rightist Greg Raven, lists his mansion in the name of a Panamanian corporation to try to prevent its being seized by creditors. Raven is one of the successful plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Carto. Akkeballa then said that he was "annoyed" that Carto, 77, had not told him the real purpose of the meeting and that he was suspicious of any "White Nationalists." Nationalists boycotted the meeting because, according to Nationalist Secretary Richard Jordan, "It would not be prudent to give further proceeds to a man who has been found by a court to be a profiteer. We see no purpose in a dialogue with the very people, either, who admit that they hate America and Americans."

Akkeballa, whose visit was funded by Carto, told the sparse crowd that he should be regarded as God and that Africans were gods. "I am God-Man," he declared. Minority Robert Brock, another Carto fundee, stated that Negroes could "place a man on the moon within three years" if they were not being held back by white people. Attendees paid upwards of thirty-dollars apiece to attend the lecture, proceeds from which went to Carto. "I don't mind making an alliance with our own kind of people who are friends, but Akkeballa is no Lafayette and Brock is no Von Steuben," said Nationalist Morris Foster.

Years ago in an African American bookstore, I saw a button that said "The Black Man is God. "Imagine a Black man addressing a room full of Whites who believe they are superior to Blacks and he is saying "I AM GOD." He would have been the evening's entertainment. If he was a "God," surely he would have twitched his nose like Samantha in Bewitched or blinked like Jeannie in I Dream of Jeannie to fix the mess Blacks are in. Why did he not destroy his "enemy" with a lighting bolt or something or at least impress them with a magic trick.

Why can't these people who claim to be "Gods" get their act together? One of them could not even get himself out of jail.

Was there not a movie called The Gods Must Be Crazy?

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