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Friday, April 20, 2007

Real Facts about Hip Hop, the Music Industry & Black Folks By Pearl Jr.

"Furthermore, as I watched Oprah Winfrey this week, I found myself very disappointed watching some desperate millionaire fall guys speak about NOT blaming filth-spewing rap cr*p artists for the NEWLY arrived heights of devastation among Black American Citizens. Oprah's in studio on stage guests, who have gained from our pain was Russell Simmons, Bernard Chivers, Kevin Liles, and Common (who is among the few positive artists), who made excuse after excuse for the vast widespread devastation of the Black community.

"I'm asking all those who watched Oprah not to get confused with their mind-twisting fast-talking bullying tactics that was force-feeding everyone to look everywhere else but inside themselves to make that change; they are their own man in the mirror, who hold the power to rid our lives of the mental trash that cleverly deceived us with beats that were given to us as gifts from our ancestors to be used for loving and healing purposes.

"I must disagree with a popular notion that negative lyrics sell. No, the consumer bought the beat and the groove and was tricked into condoning and repeating lyrics that commonly used the rhythms of nursery rhymes to convince us that being horrible human beings would render us massive rewards. The glamorizing of despicable language such as nigga, bitch and ho could have only involved the work of the devil who is THE master of deception.

"What is missing are all the non-Black record company owners and executives that hated Black people while smiling in their faces telling them that they will pay them riches for putting down Black people and lying to Black people telling them over and over and over again what is wrong is right."

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