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Friday, April 20, 2007

The Shameful Lynching of America by Al Sharpton

"In fact, Snoop Dogg claimed that when rappers sing about bitches and hoes, it’s really about the loser women who are to be exploited in the same vein that pimps take advantage of women down on their luck. But, then Stuart Scott, of ESPN fame, notes that Blacks calling women 'hoes' is really a term of endearment, or rather, a sign of affection, and that’s just the way it is. And, from the MSNBC website came a report that the slur, 'nappy-headed' was really an old, outdated slur, once meant to be especially cruel, that fell out of favor, presumably by offensive whites – until Imus and Sharpton reminded America....

"And, the proof is in the pudding in how Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott contradict one another, and these are two highly visible Blacks. If they can’t agree what the word, “hoe” means, then how in the hell can Don Imus be expected to know every proper contextual use of slurs? Again, it must be because he’s not Black....

"Sharpton has been shaming people in America in the same manner as a fraudulent shrink would falsely tell a woman she was raped as a child to continue earning counseling fees for repetitive counseling sessions. And, much like a woman who is duped into thinking she’s a victim, Sharpton has managed to counsel the Rutgers women’s basketball team into a collective hive of victims. If you don’t believe me, then ask Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott why they completely contradict Sharpton’s own interpretation of Imus’ words.

"Instead of teaching young Americans that sometimes, people act stupidly and then when they realize they did something wrong and forgive them, Sharpton wants Black America to remain hateful, angry, and hurt so that he can remain relevant to today’s society. Without all the firebomb threats and violent protests, Sharpton is nothing but a two-bit pimp and ambulance chaser, waiting for the next racial situation for him to exploit for his own material gain. Like a bad shrink or a neighborhood pimp, Sharpton needs to be removed from the public eye.

"And, I’ve got one more thing to say to Black America: yes, you were exploited as slaves; yes, you’ve had some difficulties with oppression and discrimination; and yes, it makes you look like fools when Snoop Dogg and Stuart Scott completely contradict themselves and Al Sharpton. Maybe the truth is really that you’re not as much of a victim as you might think and just maybe, it’s time for you to get over the idea of being a perpetual victim you’ve been shamed into believing by the likes of Sharpton."

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