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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Are They Hiding?

This is a portion of an article on the history of the Democratic Party from its own website (

"In 1848, the National Convention established the Democratic National Committee, now the longest running political organization in the world. The Convention charged the DNC with the responsibility of promoting 'the Democratic cause' between the conventions and preparing for the next convention.

"As the 19th Century came to a close, the American electorate changed more and more rapidly. The Democratic Party embraced the immigrants who flooded into cities and industrial centers, built a political base by bringing them into the American mainstream, and helped create the most powerful economic engine in history. Democratic Party leader William Jennings Bryan led a movement of agrarian reformers and supported the right of women's suffrage, the progressive graduated income tax and the direct election of Senators. As America entered the 20th Century, the Democratic Party became dominant in local urban politics."

You may ask, "So what's the problem?"

The problem is where is the history of the Democratic Party from 1848 to the end of the 19th Century. The 2nd paragraph came right after the 1st paragraph. That is many decades of Democratic history that is left out of their website.

Is it because they don't have any records of their own history for those decades, especially as it relates to Blacks? Or are they hiding those decades of history for a certain reason, especially as it relates to Blacks?

That website also stated: "The late Ron Brown — former Chairman of the Democratic Party — put it best when he wrote, 'The common thread of Democratic history, from Thomas Jefferson to Bill Clinton, has been an abiding faith in the judgment of hardworking American families, and a commitment to helping the excluded, the disenfranchised and the poor strengthen our nation by earning themselves a piece of the American Dream. We remember that this great land was sculpted by immigrants and slaves, their children and grandchildren.'"

Did not Thomas Jefferson who they claim as their founder own slaves? Ever hear of Sally Hemmings?

NEWS FLASH!: The slaveowners were Democrats and all the Democratic presidents before the Civil War did not oppose slavery. Those Democrats kept in bondage the excluded (were not slaves excluded from privileged White society?), the disenfranchsied (slaves were not U.S. citizens and were denied the vote), and the poor (who can be poorer than a slave with no income?). Was Ron Brown ignorant of his own party's history or was he lying through his teeth?

Could it be that the Democratic Party does not want to elaborate on its history on that website in relation to slaves, ex-slaves, and other Blacks? You don't have to believe me. You do your own research on the Democratic Party between 1848 and around 1890 and even after that.

Find out what they left out. I'm not saying all Democrats in its history were bad nor all Republicans in its history were good. I'm just saying look at the general history of Democrats and Republicans, and it is time that the Democratic Party own up to its horrible period of history.

Read some of my earlier posts for enlightenment.

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